Pappy Red’s BBQ

October 1, 2010 · 14 comments

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Pappy Red's

I saw via Melissa Libby’s facebook profile that P. Red’s BBQ on Chattahoochee Blvd opened this week. I had wondered about this bright red building with boarded up windows, sporting a pig and more recently, an airplane on the roof. I’m always excited about the prospect of good BBQ near my house. The pork at newly opened Billy Jack’s BBQ and Shrimp on Collier Rd was fairly disappointing, though I did like their shrimp po’boy well enough.

Pappy Red's

If you like newly made vintage signs and the songs such as Take this Job and Shove It, this scene is right up your alley.

Pappy Red's

Good crowd for lunch.

Pappy Red's

I only tried the pulled pork on jalapeno cheese bread. The bread was a little soggy in parts, but it was good overall, sort of a slightly spicy brioche. The pork is more shredded than pulled, but it was flavorful and not dry in the least. It could have used a few pieces of bark and maybe a little more fat to liven things up, but no major complaints.

Pappy Red's

I had the pulled pork sandwich below at Farm Boy’s BBQ in Chapin, SC, featuring South Carolina yellow mustard sauce. While I did scarf it down while driving up I-26 from Columbia to Greenville yesterday, by comparison the Pappy’s was much better – smokier, more moist, and better sauce.

Looks like Pappy’s could be promising.

Farm Boy's BBQ

P. Red's B.B.Que on Urbanspoon

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  • Chloe

    There’s one left in Alpharetta, way up north on 400. Did you know this is Alton Brown’s favorite BBQ place in Atlanta? I bumped into him years ago at Harry’s/WholeFoods and he told me about this place. “Pappy” created the bbq sauce himself and they get the main ingredient (by the vat) in the midwest. His grandson now owns and manages all locations. Grandson told me about the secret ingredient and the place he gets it from, which he gets twice a year.

  • Chloe dropping ka-nawl-edge!


  • Dea

    Do you know what’s the address for the one in Alpharetta, Chloe? I googled it up but couldn’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  • Thomas

    Mustard based sauce must be a regional taste in South Carolina. You don’t ever see it here. Years ago, my grandparents lived in Myrtle Beach and we went to visit we always would stop at Piggy Park in Columbia on the way.

  • Chloe

    It’s on the border or Alpharetta-Cumming. Inside a plaza right next to a Mrs. Winner’s, just off the exit.

    302 Tri County Plz
    Cumming, GA 30040-2757
    (770) 886-5122

  • Chloe


  • Folkboy

    This is the worst BBQ in Atlanta soggy pulled pork. I ate at the one in Cumming years ago and did not like it then. Hopping it was better now or my pallet was off last time a group went to Chattahoochee today. We all threw away over have the Que. Makes me very sad the people are supper nice and the atmosphere is great. The BBQ is the quality of school caffeinated sloppy joes.

    I will say the Sauce is amazing..

    Get Fox brothers Q then you can add Pappy’s sauce.

    Huge disappointment today :-(

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  • Thomas9k

    It is out of business now.



  • ? – my email address is

  • Mshoun1

    go to the smoking pig in toccoa 985 northeast to highway 365 run it down to left on hwy 123 curahee st straight can’t miss    you will eat your fingers off  ribs fall off the bones, brunswick stew off the chain

  • Richard Childers

    Soggy BBQ! That’s the way I like it. When I go to Pappy Red’s I always add enough hot sauce so that it runs all over my hands and even down my arms just a little. Pure heaven. Thank You Pappy Red’s!

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