Eat Me Speak Me Yakitori

If you are not familiar with Eat Me Speak Me, it’s the weekend pop-up at Gato in Candler Park helmed by Jarrett Stieber. It’s a lot of fun. Jarrett has a real knack for plating and textures on a menu which features lots of great vegetables and sauces and “alternative” cuts of meat. It’s BYOB, in case you decide to attend.

A couple months ago I saw on their Instagram they were advertising a one-off yakitori meal, which was listed as sold out for March but taking reservations for April so I signed up for two seats at the fixed price, $60 meal, which includes beverages and plenty of food. May is already sold out, but you can sign up for June. And I recommend it.

Jarrett did an excellent job manning the grill, which was intensely hot from the Japanese coals he acquired. The yakitori arrived to the party goers (hosted at the home of another gentleman named Alex) two at a time, with an assortment of sweet, spicy, and creamy sauces. Cocktails were provided by Greg Best, with wine contributed by Idle Cellars.

I’m sure this took a ton of prep and Jarrett had his face in the fire half the time, rushing to keep the food coming for guests, and it all tasted wonderful. Nailing textures of things like eggs and chicken can be tough when grilling thirty skewers at a time over coals. It’s one of the best pop-up style meals you could attend in Atlanta. I’m sure June will fill up fast. Photos below.

Eat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me YakitoriEat Me Speak Me Yakitori



Here are photos from a recent trip to Charleston. I enjoyed it all immensely.

Artisan Meat Share
Edmund’s Oast
Rutledge Cab Co.

Artisan Meat ShareArtisan Meat ShareArtisan Meat ShareArtisan Meat Share     Artisan Meat ShareHuskHusk




Leon's OysterLeon's OysterLeon's OysterLeon's Oyster


Leon's OysterLeon's Oyster


Last week I found I had a bunch of pepperoni and sausages in my fridge and decided to make ragu with both. I chopped them roughly (removing the sausage casing) and sliced onions and cooked it all over low heat for a while. I added some garlic and oregano and salt and then a can of San Marzano tomatoes and pureed it (not finely) with an immersion blender.

It was a very delicious sauce I paired with a squid ink flat pasta, which I amped up with the super spicy oil from a jar of cured Calabrese peppers (the same brand Antico uses) and then topped with Parm-Reg.

pepperoni black pasta

Later that night I made a mozzarella grilled cheese sandwich using the sauce, which was amazing. I slow cooked it in the pan with tons of butter, flipping it often and adding more butter every so often. I made another one for breakfast the next day. Pepperoni and sausage grilled cheese is a breakfast I can get behind.

The people over at Ideas in Food play with their pepperoni all the time, to amp up dishes like XO sauce or meatloaf. Fun stuff.

pepperoni and cheese


O4W Pizza

April 13, 2015

It’s sort of embarrassing, but I sit around and reminisce about food some times, reading old blog posts and looking at photos, thinking about how much I love great butter or a pan of rice. It’s even more fun with friends, like at a get together last night where I was talking about a barbecue trip I took […]

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April 9, 2015

Thai foods are some of my favorite to eat. Similar to Vietnamese cuisine, I enjoy the aromatic herbs and lemongrass, the dynamic acidity, occasional funk, and the spice. It always evokes freshness and afterwards I never feel like I’m dying a slow chicken fried steak death, which isn’t the worst way to leave this world. My complaint is that, at […]

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Minero – Charleston

March 30, 2015

A week ago I visited Charleston for a couple of days for a work retreat, where we spent the mornings plotting our success in future years. In the afternoons we enjoyed the scenery, food, and beverages (aka team building). We had some excellent meals and drinks at Edmund’s Oast, Rutledge Cab Company, Husk, FIG, and Leon’s Oyster Shop. I put all my […]

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Bacon Brothers

March 27, 2015

Last year I briefly posted about it, but my favorite restaurant as of late in Greenville SC (I’m there 2-3 days a week) is Bacon Brothers Public House, led in the kitchen by chef Anthony Gray, formerly of Southern Art in Atlanta. When I first heard the name of the restaurant a few years ago, I was a […]

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Tacos La Villa

March 24, 2015

Tacos La Villa in Smyrna. Buford Highway (el rey, taco veloz, etc) is my go-to for this style of simple tacos. But on this side of town, Tacos La Villa is the best option I’ve tried. Many others seems to agree, it was super crowded for lunch. $5.99 for three tacos, rice, beans. Meats were above […]

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