Nuevo Laredo is right by my house, but I don’t go often as it gets crowded and parking can be difficult, and waiting around the parking lot with a one year old isn’t much fun. There are plenty of Nuevo detractors (they still rock the No Meredith Ford sign in the window) but it scratches an itch. And the food can be pretty good, but the menu is huge and there are definitely some items that are better choices than others.

Starting with the gratis, cilantro rich salsa is always delicious, though it’s not the sort you’re likely to find on Buford Highway. The tacos in the center of the menu are solid choices – the carne asada tacos and tacos diablo are regular selections, and if you don’t mind a mole that’s a little sweet the mole pollo taco is a decent option. The holy tacos (mashed potatoes) are another fair selection if you’re in that mood. The brisket can be great, though it’s dry on occasion. It’s worth the risk of trying.

A special item on a recent Saturday visit was a torta, with a variety of typical meat selection. It was better than I expected, the all important bread of excellent quality. I would order it again.


Sometimes you’re just in the mood for ruining your appetite and waistline with a boat load of chips, salsa, cheese dip, topped off with a dessert of a mess of sloppy enchiladas and beans to back up your margarita buzz, and Nuevo’s been doing a great job of that for me for fifteen years.



Gu's Bistro at Krog Street Market

Find of the month!

I was sitting at a red light near the intersection of Irwin and Boulevard, watching someone on a bike doing some sort of stand-still balancing act with their pant leg of their jeans curiously curled up, grease swiped on her tattooed calf, when four electric vehicles came buzzing down Irwin in succession, so I decided to follow. In the distance I saw a shimmering metal warehouse, what appeared to be an oasis of sorts but I considered it could be a mirage as the sign said “Parking $20″. Alas it was true, a fee for the parking festival in the area of Inman.

Inside I discovered that all of our favorite treats from around town are available under one roof, but with the convenience of not deciding where to sit, as seats were all occupied, even the large tables near the free water, carbonated or flat. You may feel flustered as you decide what you want to eat, but thankfully each person is provided twenty eight minutes in line to decide. To make things even easier, the menus are smaller than brick and mortar counterparts, a feature for which you will gratefully pay an additional $2-4 per menu item.

One such locale is Gu’s Dumpling, the new storefront from the defunct Gu’s Bistro. Thankfully this version has none of the exciting, spicy flair of the original which could cause one to get overexcited in the middle of the day. Never settling for perfection or intrigue, the dumplings and eggplant have been adjusted to make it more homogenous and acceptable to the masses. In addition, you won’t feel the guilt of wasting the white rice typically associated with Chinese take-away, for it costs $1 for those who truly desire its sustenance.

For Sichuan noodles, dumplings, or other “hot” and “numbing” treats, I cannot recommend anywhere else in the Old Fourth Ward.

Gu's Bistro at Krog Street Market

Hilariousness and disdain aside, my favorite choice from the stalls is Fred’s Meat & Bread, where I’m currently in lust with the Italian Grinder. If Jersey Mike himself had a younger, more attractive secret side-piece it would be this sandwich.

The massive shaved lettuce with vinaigrette on top is like a tangy salad in every bite, setting your palate up for the joyous meats and cheese warmly wrapped in the supremely perfect bread from my bud Rob Alexander.

italian grinder

I have one tip – the sandwiches come tightly wrapped – immediately grab the sandwich and unwrap it such that the hot sandwich doesn’t steam, resulting in the loss of the perfect crackly texture.

The cheesesteak is deservedly talked about, but for my money, a sandwich greater than the sum of its parts, this Grinder is putting in work! Nicely done Team Fred.

italian grinder

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After a few visits, I can say I really enjoy Ford Fry’s Superica at Krog Street Market. I don’t like the puffy taco for which they keep saying they are so famous, but everything else has been very solid to delicioso. The chips and gratis salsas, the margaritas, the patio, service, enchiladas, crunchy tacos, and the nachos are all on point, the latter being amazing when they nail the texture of the chips.

Maybe the best thing I’ve tried is the queso fundido with rajas and hongos, which is as much fun to eat as it is to say (roll the r and get deep on that hongo). It’s poblanos and mushrooms with two cheeses perfectly broiled, warm flour tortillas and salsa verde, and our waiter said he’d never seen anyone get it, but “it looks good, I need to try that.”

Indeed you should. It’s perfect.


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