Bacon Brothers

Last year I briefly posted about it, but my favorite restaurant as of late in Greenville SC (I’m there 2-3 days a week) is Bacon Brothers Public House, led in the kitchen by chef Anthony Gray, formerly of Southern Art in Atlanta.

When I first heard the name of the restaurant a few years ago, I was a bit turned off – the bacon trend and the tacking on of ‘Public House’ had already been in full effect for a while and it felt a behind the curve.

But what I’ve remembered is that within certain categories, there’s always room for more if it’s good. Take burgers – the trend feels like minced meat, but new, better chains emerge successfully and every time a badass burger from a hip independent is released, it’s met with critical fanfare and I make sure to add it to my list of must-tries.

This is to say, Bacon Brothers does an excellent job, with a varied menu full of smoked meats, Southern classics, in-house cured meats, classic cocktails, and killer sandwiches with a wide variety of influence.

Even with a somewhat rebellious Eastside strip mall location, Bacon Brothers is packed nearly every day and night, accommodated well by the very friendly staff. As a frequent solo diner, my favorite move is to post up at the bar with a nice cocktail, some spicy jalapeño boiled peanuts, and smoked chicken wings. At lunch I’ll get a sandwich, and dinner with family or friends is a great opportunity to try a lot. They will do a BBQ feast with sides for $25 a person if you have four people to commit, which I’ve yet to do, but it looks impressive as it’s heaved across the room to awaiting tables. Below are a few more dishes I’ve checked out recently.

Wings – crumbled blue cheese, pickled celery salad, apple bbq

Bacon Brothers

Pressed beef tongue sandwich, swiss, pickles, onion, smoked mayo

Bacon Brothers

Brussels sprouts – peanut, kimchi mayo | Pork belly cabbage wraps, benne, kimchi, peanut

Bacon Brothers Bacon Brothers

Burger with ground bacon, brisket, chuck

This recently changed – it used to be of the thin double hard-sear variety, which I actually preferred. I found this patty to be a little tough.

Bacon Brothers


Tacos La Villa

March 24, 2015 · 1 comment

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Taqueria La Villa

Tacos La Villa in Smyrna.

Buford Highway (el rey, taco veloz, etc) is my go-to for this style of simple tacos. But on this side of town, Tacos La Villa is the best option I’ve tried. Many others seems to agree, it was super crowded for lunch.

$5.99 for three tacos, rice, beans. Meats were above average. Tortillas pretty good. Expansive salsa bar. Will definitely be returning when working in the area.

Taqueria La Villa

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Tasty China

The Atlanta Sichuan news has been dominated by the closing of Gu’s, which I found pretty odd but is explained a little better a few days after the sudden closure. I hope they do well at Krog, though the dumplings and noodles, which make-up the majority of the stall’s menu, are not my favorite items to order – they are a little plain to me. See what you’ve done Peter Cheng?

I returned to Chef Petey’s old stomping ground of Tasty China recently, it’s a quick drive from my office in Vinings and as usual I quite enjoyed it. Side note – I look forward to seeing what the TC crew does at Ponce City Market. Atlanta Chefs – in which food hall will your off-shoot be opening?!? Don’t be left there standing with nothing but your mise in your hand.

Back to TC. Amazingly, I’d never had the mapo tofu there, one of the more ubiquitous Sichuan dishes in the world. This version is nice and spicy, with great funky tang from the fermented black beans.

Cold sesame noodles are also cold and hot and a pleasant side dish.

Tasty China

An old favorite is the crispy pork belly, I love the textures and aromatics of the cilantro (mostly stems – often under looked part of the herb) though the belly was a little thin – it felt like it was all breading.

Tasty China

Xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are as unimpressive as every other offering of this dish in town. Those which had soup in them was sparsely juiced, but most had burst or leaked. But really, we ate them without bitching too much. Dumplings are pretty good even when they are average, just like pizza (as confirmed by the Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers.)

Which reminds me – how excited are you for True Detective‘s return? Some people are scoffing at Vince Vaughn in the lead, but to them I say go watch the movie Clay Pigeons, VV is creepy and great, with a good performance by a young Joaquin Phoenix. What’s that? You want more Vince Vaughn? Read this oral history of the movie Swingers.

You came here for food, but I can talk about whatever want. I am a very serious and important blogger. Atlanta Magazine said so.

Tasty China

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March 11, 2015

People sleep on Fritti, the longstanding Neapolitan pizzeria in the Inman Park area, which has been making really nice pies for a loooong time. I forget about it too, and I shouldn’t. It’s the sort of neighborhood place I would visit frequently if I lived nearby, though I’ve been hearing good things about Old Fourth […]

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March 9, 2015

Here are a a few shots and thoughts from a recent pilgrimage to Krog Street Market, this time visiting Superica, the latest in mega-restauranteur and fancy lightbulb enthusiast Ford Fry’s collection. The fourth full-service restaurant surrounding the bustling food hall, Superica is the sister restaurant of Avalon’s The El Felix, both a Tex-Mex homage to the Houston and Austin styles of Mr. […]

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Everybody Loves Ramen @ Empire State South

March 2, 2015

In case you missed it, Empire State South has a ramen pop-up series going every Sunday evening from 6-8PM at the bar only, brought to you by chef Vas Sanchez. The ramen is changing every week – my one sampling being a delectable, sleep-inducing bowl of tonkotsu, which appears below with a strange frothiness (the chef was Vitamixing them to order, I presume […]

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Sichuan Beef

February 26, 2015

In my recent post about Gu’s I complained of the missing “kick my ass” element as compared to the old days of Peter Cheng. THIS is how it’s done. Blogger emeritus Rowdy cooked up this beef dish the other night for us. It is over the top in a way, but fantastic. The Sichuan peppercorns […]

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On The Bayou

February 24, 2015

Due to the relative proximity of my home down Atlanta road, my office in Vinings, trips to Costco to buy epic portions of toilet paper, and my brother living off Spring Rd, I often find myself in the Smyrna area looking for somewhere to grab a decent lunch. I used to hit Yakitori Jenbei or […]

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