Super Pan

October 5, 2010 · 3 comments

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Super Pan

Here are some photos from a recent lunch at Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop, the super popular Tuesday-Friday, lunch only spot from Hector Santiago of Pura Vida. Not much to add beyond what you have probably read elsewhere.

I’ve seen some people gripe about the hefty price of the food at Super Pan. Those threads remind me of the semester I spent in Europe, back in the sweaty summer of ’03. We’d be in fabulous cities like Paris, Rome, and Florence, and I had some friends that would complain about the cost of going out to a good meal. In order to “save” money they’d opt to eat street pizza or something similar. But then we’d go out to the bar and they’d drop $75 on shots and get black out drunk. I literally had one friend who would ask us every morning if we had a good time at the bars the previous night.

There are numerous ways to blow through money, and I don’t see why anyone gives a shit if Super Pan wants to charge $12 for a sandwich.

Oh and the photo above is head cheese toasts, below is the mole beef empanada and the fantastically porky medio dia sandwich.

Super Pan

Super Pan

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  • love it.

  • Jim Morrison

    Blacking out drunk in Europe.
    Need to add that to my Bucket List.
    As well as eating a $12 sammy.
    I hate that word, sammy, but there, I used it.

  • Laura G. Mason

    Ahhh…the summer of ’03…..good times. I’m just trying to figure out which friend you’re referring to:)

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