What People Are Saying About EIA


“Keep posting your food blog, it’s one of the only Atlanta food bloggers I follow and I always appreciate your take on new and old places and all of the great finds.” –  Melissa B

“Truly a pleasure to finally meet you. Everyone I know speaks very highly of you. Been following you for a long time.”  – Chef David C. – Atlanta

“You’re clearly not a very good cook. Your eggs look like shit, the pasta looks like an oily mess, and you sliced the truffles way to [sic] thick. What a waste.” – “Jack”

“I like about your reviews that you aren’t in it for the money. I like that you have a favorite restaurants list that’s your favorite restaurants… in short, you and your blog are the kind of thing needed to make an outlet that people can trust.”  – Jim H

“Hey Jimmy, Nice work! I am sure they appreciate you sitting in your
comfy home bashing what is, without question some of the finest meat in
the city of Atlanta.” – Hugh

“This is a bit of a Food Blog Failure….I think you hit a bad day.” – Darby