About Jimmy

My name is Jimmy, and I’m the sole author of Eat It, Atlanta, a place for me to experiment, vent, and digress on food, with the hope that I entertain and educate (more often than I bore) those of you who also care enough about food to read about it on an unimportant website such as this.

I started this site mostly with the intention of cooking and writing about it, but I go out to eat quite a bit, and am relatively unembarrassed to tote my camera in for the meal. It’s turned into a fun venture where I’ve learned so much, and met many great people. It’s also a creative outlet for me, and thankfully I’m not in it for the money. I have one ad to pay for the web hosting and have participated in a few money-losing writing gigs for Air Tran Go Magazine and Creative Loafing.

I write with no schedule, no editor, and about any topic which interests me. As long as I keep having fun, making new friends, and learning a crazy amount about food and wine, I’ll continue trying to improve.

Contact me at jimmy@eatitatlanta.com