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FIG Charleston

March 5, 2016

At this moment I’m taking a short study break from some mid-terms I have due tomorrow for a graduate degree I’m pursuing at Texas A&M (whoop!) Enrolling seemed like a good idea a year ago, but is now the reason I dread Sunday evenings, when the week’s assignments are due. But, I’m nearly half way through the program, I just booked […]

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Chicken Shack @ Shake Shack

February 25, 2016

Is the Atlanta locale the only Shake Shack in the world without a line? For years I’ve read about people waiting gleefully for hours in various lines in Manhattan, and I have difficulty reconciling those tales to my experiences at the Buckhead venue, where I have never been beyond fourth in line upon arrival. The Streets of Buckhead, or whatever […]

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Sublime Donuts

February 17, 2016

It shouldn’t be anything new to anyone who has lived in Atlanta for a few years, but Sublime donuts can be off the charts delicious. I’m not a major frequenter of sweets or desserts, but every so often I get a craving and man, does Sublime deliver. On my most recent visit I was able to take a relatively […]

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Food Delivery Thought

February 1, 2016

With the introduction of Uber style delivery services, I wonder if there are new food business models coming our way? When food trucks became a thing, it meant you no longer needed a brick and mortar restaurant, and the expense that comes with it, to serve the food of your dreams. Proliferation of a dynamic food […]

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Bone Garden Pozole

January 4, 2016

Bone Garden Cantina is very close to my home, and I find myself enjoying it more and more, and subsequently craving it more often. I live even closer to Nuevo Laredo, but to me Nuevo only satisfies a specific craving – when I need a bunch of chips and salsa and some sloppy Tex/Mex food. I like Nuevo, […]

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Site Status

December 17, 2015

** This sticky post services as a general status update for 2015/2016. New content can be viewed below this update *** Life is busy. I only post here roughly once a month, out of sheer grit and embarrassment. This site may not even have any Atlanta food relevancy anymore, though I still greatly enjoy the dining, cooking, […]

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Thai, Sichuan, Ramen

December 16, 2015

  Cooking and eating Asian foods seems to be pretty common amongst the big food nerds. It’s something different; maybe more interesting flavor profiles, atypical spices, bright or funky flavors, and more varied cuts of meats than the average white kid in the US eats along side their boxed mac ‘n cheese. The food-stricken are always seeking the […]

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Beaver Creek Biscuit Company

November 8, 2015

One of the fun/maybe insane things about eating and cooking a lot is the eventual formation of strong opinions about minute topics, such as the thin vs thick burger debate, Antico pizza (I’ve had a good one or two, but I’m generally against it), whether or not you should buttermilk soak fried chicken (and can […]

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