The Sound Table

September 3, 2010 · 4 comments

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the sound table

I stopped by The Sound Table on the way home from SC a few weeks ago. I sat at the bar downstairs. It was fairly dark back there, hence the crazy blurry photos.

My meal began with some champagne, of beers. Good and cheap. High Life really does seem to have a taste of its own. Though these cheap beers are fairly trendy. Did you hear about PBR going for $44 a bottle in China?

Speaking of beer trends, last night at The Shed, Katie tried to order a PBR but was told that they only had Genesee. Genesee is what my grandmother (picture a tiny Irish woman with a cardigan draped over her shoulders, two handing a giant mug of draft beer) in Pennsylvania drinks, and what she has been been drinking for as long as I can remember. And Yuengling is produced in Pottsville, which is forty miles from where she lives and where my father grew up. He tells me that when he was young no one drank Yuengling because that was an old coal miner beer and it was uncool. My how the times they are a-changin’.

Back to matters at hand, I started with the Goi Ga salad, a Vietnamase preparation, which also reminded me of some Thai salads. Small pieces of shredded chicken with cabbage and onion in a soy sauce and probably some sort of vinegar dressing. They also added pecans and mint. Really tasty except that they went really heavy on the soy sauce, so there was a pool of it when I neared the bottom of the salad. I had a glass of the picpoul blanc from the Languedoc. Maybe a little Sauv blanc-ish, the wine had some salty and burnt flavors that went aight with the food.

the sound table

Next I had the spatchcocked chicken. What is spatchcocked, you and the guy who was sitting next to me at the bar might ask? Ruhlman is here to show you. I wasn’t expecting wings, I guess I had envisioned a whole quarter chicken. The flavor was good though; the singed chicken skin went well with the lemon and herb flavors, as well as with my glass of pinot nero (light Italian clone of pinot noir).

Good stuff overall, fair prices. I look forward to going back.

the sound table

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  • I’m a huge fan of upstairs at Sound Table. Haven’t tried the bar area.

    Next time don’t miss the hummus with harissa, and the Chinese pork ribs. We were there last night and I had a fantastic vintage cocktail called a Tommy Noble, which is apparently named for an unsuccessful British boxer from the 20’s.

  • When I was a kid all the retired coal miners on black lung pensions drank Yuengling 8 oz. drafts for $.25 and shots of Four Roses for $.50 at bars such as Granddaddies, Harp’s, The Dew Drop Inn, and The Bucket O’ Blood. Ah, the good ol’ days!

  • Glad to see The Sound Table getting some more attention. Great food and wonderful staff up there, I went through a ridiculous four entrees during the span of the evening during my last visit. Excellent place to catch a meal and/or a show.

  • Lorenzo

    Yuengling was our college beer in PA because it was cheap and available (there were few microbrews back then), and the only people drinking it were poor college students and unemployed/retired steelworkers. Yuengling is the classic example of a brand reinventing itself. The PBR story rivals that, though.

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