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May 24, 2012 · 3 comments

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Um, I uh, have a blog post here, without a photograph. Is it hot in here? I’m uncomfortable. How are you to know how good it was without a picture? How do I describe each dish? We all know pretty pictures get page views, but did you know they also distract from shoddy writing and grammatical errors?! 

It’s during the drive up to Roswell that I realize I’ve inadvertently become an ITP (Inside the Perimeter) snob. We are going to meet some friends for dinner at a restaurant, and I’ve never heard of it, and I have no idea how to get there. Can I pick up Roswell Road in Buckhead and head North? It seems like that would make sense.

But I look up the restaurant online, and it’s very popular. I secretly wonder if Yelper standards are as high up there and can be trusted, then I lambast myself for my hubris. “The phrase ‘Yelper standards’ is an oxymoron, Jimmy.”

We’re late, because again, having no knowledge of how to get to Roswell, we blindly follow Google through a stop-and-go gauntlet of red lights for eight miles. Confirmed. Our brakes work.

Finally, we arrive, to hey, it’s a quaint little town with a vibrant main street. And we pull up to Table & Main, and fittingly, it’s a charming place with a welcoming porch. Cue the rocking chairs. It makes me think of the first time I visited the old restaurant Harvest in Virginia-Highland. Comforting.

Our friends are waiting in the very, very crowded restaurant, and I soon realize I’m under dressed. This is a popular place; I’m told there is often an hour plus wait. My last semblance of worry eases away as I order a drink; hey – wait a minute, is this one of the best bourbon lists in Atlanta? A special selection of Four Roses with exactly one large ice cube? Yes, they know exactly what I mean.

Food arrives soon after and we talk and nosh on sweet corn hush puppies, and marvel at the size of the reappropriated pigs in a blanket, the so called  “Hogs ‘n Quilts”. The vinegary pork stuffed in the chive laced crepes is both delicious and voluminous.

I entree on a full half of wonderful fried chicken, moderately thick crust, infinitely crispy, and purely Southern style. Fittingly, the potato salad is of the church picnic variety, mayo rich, and I bet your grandma a nickel they use Duke’s. We can’t help but add a helping of mac ‘n cheese, which proudly lists Velveeta as the primary ingredient. Tip of the cap to you, scientists – this mac sauce is stunningly creamy and unbroken.

Fun was had with friends, bellies were full and happy, plates were cleaned, and my inner snob, well, was humbled. I look forward to my next visit to North Georgia and so should we all. Though remember, don’t trust Google Maps, and don’t forget to leave your snob in town.

Table & Main
1028 Canton Street
Roswell, GA

Table & Main Twitter Account

Footnote 1: The folks from Table & Main are opening an Italian spot called Osteria Mattone, which I believe translates to “Brick House”. I’m guessing they will have a brick oven, or a few specials will have a disco theme.

Footnote 2: Our dinner was with our friends from Scobey Photography, who did an amazing job with our wedding, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned them on here so wanted to take the opportunity to do so. Check it.

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  • Thank you for sharing these awesome photos! Nowadays any schmuck with a few nickels can buy a DSLR, throw up a website, and call themselves a “professional” wedding photographer. Scobey understands lighting, has an eye for composition, and a sense of humor as well! Plus, what could be more appropriate for a wedding than a husband and wife team?

  • Kim A.

    Glad you enjoyed your foray OTP. My 9 y/o son loves Table & Main. We get there early and sit on the side patio. They have a corn hole game out there to help him pass the time. Well, that and his multiple servings of cheese straws. He makes a dinner out of the Hogs ‘n Quilts and says that the apple slaw accompaniment makes it the best. Oh, and the chocolate pudding and fresh ‘nilla wafers are amazingly creamy and rich.

  • i have to check it out…it sounds fun.benitamichellewheeler

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