New Year’s / Mexican Breakfast Casserole Redux

January 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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Hope everyone had a great New Year’s. Mine was spent with friends in the mountains of NC.

New Year's Cabins

We had good food and wine. I assisted with dinner, and for the morning-after I made the same Mexican breakfast casserole I’ve been making for years. My camera is a little better than my initial post on this dish, which is one of the most popular all-time on the old blog.

I didn’t know the origin of the recipe for years as it was emailed to me in plain text, but it turns out it’s an Emeril recipe. Bam!

Next time I do this I’m going to use two smaller casserole dishes instead of a single large one. The outside edge is cooked well before the center. If you cook the casserole until the center is no longer soggy, the outside edge of egg is a little burnt/crispy for my taste. I also like to cover mine for the first half of cooking, then remove the foil so the exposed top doesn’t overcook. This aluminum foil cover could mitigate moisture loss, which is perhaps why the casserole is still soggy in the center. Always tinkering…


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  • Betty Rhoades

    Made this for hubby’s birthday breakfast, and it was awesome – thanks for the delicious idea!

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