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The Atlanta Burger and Fry Index

August 12, 2014

For lunch today I had the Canoe burger, which on a value/taste matrix, may be the best burger and fry in town. It’s what I call a hotel burger. It’s an over-sized hockey puck of in-house ground beef, properly cooked to temp, served with all the fixings – charred onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and little […]

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Atlanta Food & Wine 2014

June 2, 2014

As mentioned, I attended the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival on Saturday, for just enough time to hit a few classes and the tasting tents for about an hour. My participation was less than years past, in part because I’m busy with family and we bought a new home on Friday. If all goes well we […]

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Quick Chorizo Nachos

October 7, 2013

This is a fairly common snack for me. Just a few nachos, never stacked. If I have my way I eat a few little things throughout the day instead of stuffing myself. Really, my appetite isn’t what it used to be anyways. I’m over the whole “look at how much shit I can eat at […]

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Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2013

June 8, 2013

Lots to do today. I’ll make this brief. I attended the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival as a photographer for Eater. Here is a link to the Eater article with some photos.  Here is Josh Ozersky talking about the festival.  Here is a link to my Flickr set.

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Brother Journal

June 3, 2013

Ryan Smith, Andrew Thomas Lee, Alvin Diec, and Wyatt Williams have created a new single-topic food magazine named Brother. I picked one up at Empire State South after the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival this past Friday night. The first issue features Brandon Chonko of Grassroots Farm, where he raises chickens and his family. The […]

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Photos from Cochon 555

February 25, 2013

Photos from Cochon 555. A fun event, there were many pork-snacks to be had. It’s tough to beat Guy Wong’s tonkotsu ramen – so satisfying. The craziest/best bite to me was Ryan Smith’s bologna soup dumpling (as in, the wrapper was made of pork). They weren’t even sure it would work until just before the […]

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2013 Liberty Park/Westside Chili Cook Off

February 7, 2013

Those of you who know me personally have probably received emails about this (more than you care for, likely), but the 6th annual chili cook-off that a buddy and I put on is a little over two weeks away, and anyone (non-weirdos, please) is welcome. Like last year, the casual cook-off will be held upstairs […]

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Cochon 555

February 6, 2013

Cochon 555, the swine and wine bacchanal so named for the involvement of five local chefs, five pigs, and five wineries is coming to Atlanta in less than two weeks, on Sunday the 17th. Created by Atlanta local Brady Lowe, Cochon 555 is an exposé of some very good chefs (and very good pork) and […]

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