Mexican Breakfast Casserole

January 1, 2009 · 11 comments

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In my post on the 29th I mentioned having people over today for the “hangover party” with some breakfast casserole, and we did indeed go that route. I made two casseroles, the Mexican version (the recipe I posted), as well as a more traditional version with sage and cinnamon. I also made sticky buns which was a treat I haven’t had in a long time. 

It has been quite nice doing nothing today and this food really hit the spot. The Mexican version turned out better than I remembered. Now my belly is full and I’m still in my pajamas as of 5PM and though I feel a bit guilty, there’s nothing that can be done now but bask in it and watch the Rose Bowl. 

Oh and Georgia Tech sucked last night. Sucked bad. 

I took some photos of the prep of the Mexican version. It’s a little more involved than some other breakfast casseroles, but it was worth it. The poblanos give it some good kick. 


Greased up poblanos ready for 25 minutes of roasting at 400. 


Chorizo sausage. Cooking it made the house smell like meat for half the day. 


Before they go in the paper bag so I can peel the skin off. 


Meat + peppers + onion + garlic. Crowded pan. I drained the grease off a bit with paper towels. There was way too much of it. 


First layer poblanos. 


Egg + half/half + green onion + cilantro + cheese


Starting the layering process. 


Almost done. You can see the tortillas layered in there. 


Ready to go in the fridge and hang out overnight, all done so I can just pop it in the oven for 1 hour the next morning. 


All done. I should have got a photo of an individual slice because that looked even better. It went well. Try it out.

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  • Melanie

    OMG! This looks amazing and just what I need for a Derby brunch this Saturday! Is it possible to send the basic recipe? I can pretty much guess but would like to be sure of the amounts. Your pictures are so cool as a “how to” and see how it will look. Thanks!


  • Sheila Kaldis

    I would love to have this recipe also. It looks awesome!


  • susan

    this looks delicious! please send recipe.

  • Ken

    Looking for a good Mexican breakfast recipe for a class breakfast. I’m a Mexican food fanatic. This recipe looks like one that the class would enjoy. Please sent.

  • Jimmy

    UPDATE – The recipe can be found in this post:

  • Stephanie

    How do you get the skins off the Poblanos?

  • Shelley Warren

    This looks amazing!!  Could you please post a recipe?

  • Here’s the recipe!

    I didn’t know where it came from for a long time, but a reader emailed me. 

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  • monica

    how many eggs….wheres’s the ingredient amounts??…..would love to try this

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