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February 18, 2009 · 4 comments

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Grabbed some lunch yesterday with FoodieBuddha over at La Pietra Cucina, and while I’m not going to do a full post I wanted to throw some pictures up because this place is worth mentioning. 

Three reasons I’m not doing a full post:

  1. You can just go read about it on FB’s site, on Chow Down Atlanta’s site, and it’s been discussed on Creative Loafing here and here (Cliff loves this place)
  2. I need to visit again to be able to assess just how much I like LPC
  3. I’m a bad reporter and didn’t take any notes.

Above is half of the mascarpone ravioli appetizer special, it was served seperately for the two of us which was convenient. The pasta was obviously fresh with a light buttery sauce with a roasted garlic garnish that was simple but a welcome addition. Quite nice. 

The parpardelle bolognese: The dish wasn’t plated all spattered like this, Foodie Buddha had already taken some. You could definitely tell that the pasta was handmade because of the grainy texture of the ribbons. At first I was put off by that, expecting smoother pasta, but thinking about it, I bet that helps the sauce adhere to the pasta. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The sauce was simple, not watery, not overpowering, and was just the right amount. 

My entree was the black spaghetti with rock shrimp, similar to the dish served at Babbo, the famous Batali owned restaurant in NYC from which Chef Logue came to LPC. 

The small shrimp were cooked perfectly, plump, not the least bit overcooked or stringy. The sausage was plentiful, sharp, and powerful, and the whole dish had a significant amount of heat, which I love. Lots of big flavors here, with a fantastic presentation, though I thought it interesting that they would put scallions on top. It works though. The dish almost has a spicy dan dan noodle thing kind of going on. There was a fairly large pool of grease at the bottom, which added a lot of flavor, but there could have been less.

FB’s entree, the lobster risotto special. I had a few bites of this and it is a worthy risotto dish. The rice was firm, not mushy at all, in a thinner risotto sauce than I generally like, with an obvious amount of butter, a bit too much butter for me. There were fairly large chunks of lobster with a very presentable sage garnish in the center. I think it was around $22, not bad considering a mushroom risotto at Sotto Sotto will run you $17.

Foodie Buddha’s comments on the risotto: 

it was executed very well… a touch (and only the slightest touch) of fishyness in one or two bites.  I think I would have appreciated it if he had broiled the lobster so as to offset the butteriness of the dish … however. … it’s still excellent….

While the location isn’t quite stellar (on Peachtree across from Equifax in an unmarked office building), and the empty space from the previous restaurant is off-putting, put this on your list. Atlanta could use another good Italian option, especially now that Allegro closed this past weekend

The dishes are complex but with an air of simplicity, the space is quiet, and our server was extremely friendly. The menu isn’t huge but I’m eager to give it another go.

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