Nam Phuong

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Nam Phuong

Thought I’ve been writing this for years, I won’t ever claim I’m the most experienced person when it comes to the cuisines of Buford Highway (on up to Duluth). Eat Buford Highway, Blissful Glutton, and Chow Down Atlanta are some of the best for that, though their posts are infrequent these days. Blogging ain’t what it used to be.

But I’m still learning. I know my way around a Cantonese, Sichuan, Korean, and Japanese menu, but could use some work when it comes to Vietnamese and Hispanic food. When CDA suggested Nam Phuong it was an easy sell. Since reading glowing Creative Loafing and AJC reviews of the Jimmy Carter Blvd location I’ve wanted to try it, and with a newer location inside the perimeter there really isn’t an excuse.

And now that I know the quality and variety that’s available at Nam Phuong, there’s no excuse for not promptly visiting again.

Shaking beef (above) is an expertly seared mess of super high quality beef with watercress, for a fair price, something like $10.

Hot wings are crispy fried, sticky sweet, with a little fish sauce funk.

Nam Phuong

But my favorite part is the Bun Hoi – vermicelli rice noodles, served with sauces, chiles, meats, herbs and lettuces (red and purple basil, shiso, and mint!) and rice paper wrappers which you dip in water and quickly fill with your selection and wrap into a tasty Vietnamese roll. Our particular selection, which I believe is the Bo Tom Muc Nhung Dam adds a hot pot to the mix as well, so you can quickly cook thin shaved beef, squid, and shrimp to stuff into your flavor-bomb burrito. I love it. The salty pungency of the fish-sauce based condiment, fiery Thai chiles, crunchy and aromatic herbs, squishy seafood and noodles…do order this. It’s amazing.

Nam Phuong

Note – this isn’t one of my custom wraps, mine all looked like garbage (you must work quickly with the sticky rice wrappers!), but taste was unaffected by aesthetic. Plate of proteins in the background.

Nam Phuong

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