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March 7, 2012 · 2 comments

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Muss & Turner's

My family went to Muss & Turner’s for brunch recently. I’ve been there many times, so this is nothing new, but I take photos of what I eat, a few people view them; that’s how this blogger thing works.

M&T is a go-to brunch spot, with a killer burger and great sandwiches. First-rate beer selection too. The wine list has some hits, but to me suds best the vino here.

Muss & Turner's

El Cubano

Muss & Turner's

Victory Prima Pils – I used to be more of a hop head, but find myself appreciating a really clean but on-point flavor sort of beer. This is certainly one of them.

Muss & Turner's

I split a “torta de too much delicious”, which I’d never had there. Brisket, guajillo, onion, cheese, cilantro. The beef is exemplary. Tender, with deep chile flavor.

This may be incidental to many readers/eaters, but aren’t their pickles wonderful?

Muss & Turner's

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  • I second that thought on the pickles.  M&T is in my hood so I’m a regular there and eat the swifty and the burger often it rocks the house.

  • Melissa Bayliss

    My favorite sandwich (if they still have it) is the thanksgiving sandwich – turkey, stuffing, cranberry…yum-o!!

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