Chicken Shack @ Shake Shack

February 25, 2016

Is the Atlanta locale the only Shake Shack in the world without a line? For years I’ve read about people waiting gleefully for hours in various lines in Manhattan, and I have difficulty reconciling those tales to my experiences at the Buckhead venue, where I have never been beyond fourth in line upon arrival. The Streets of Buckhead, or whatever […]

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On The Bayou

February 24, 2015

Due to the relative proximity of my home down Atlanta road, my office in Vinings, trips to Costco to buy epic portions of toilet paper, and my brother living off Spring Rd, I often find myself in the Smyrna area looking for somewhere to grab a decent lunch. I used to hit Yakitori Jenbei or […]

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Yalla & Fred’s Revisit

January 14, 2015

I visited Krog Street Market again last week, where if you don’t Instagram pictures of your food you are out of place. Dude and I decided to go early, right when Fred’s Meats and Bread and neighboring Yalla were opening at 11:30, to beat the Friday lunch rush. It was a critical move, and completely necessary if you need to get back […]

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General Muir Sandwiches

October 28, 2014

The sandwiches at The General Muir are what I’m currently craving, so here are photos so you may endure the hunger torture I’m dealing with at the moment. I love a breakfast sandwich. The General Muir’s pastrami and egg sandwich is just so frickin’ satisfying – it’s the tops for me. Thick, spicy pastrami, a dripping soft egg, and oozing excess of American […]

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July 2013 Gavage [Tasty China II, Taqueria el Rey, Chops, Paella, Seven Lamps]

August 9, 2013

  Yeah, I’m still here, still hungry, cooking and eating. Busy with life and a pending addition to our family, which we tried to fire-bomb out of Katie with Sichuan cuisine at Peter Cheng’s Tasty China II. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve double-dared my digestive system with Sichuan food, and TC did not […]

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Villains Wicked Heroes

April 27, 2013

Villains Wicked Heroes, the anticipated sandwich shop from Alex Brounstein (Grindhouse), Jason McClure (FLIP Buckhead), and Jared Lee Plyes (HD1) just opened in Midtown this week. Having all week had a strong craving for a satisfying sandwich, I decided to make an early visit, which can be risky. But it’s a sandwich shop, I wouldn’t […]

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iEat with iPhone – Thai Restaurant of Norcross, Nicky’s Seafood, Decker’s, Woody’s [part 2]

October 15, 2012

Hey, a few more phone photos! First up, we randomly chose a restaurant in Norcross on the way home from South Carolina, stopping at Thai Restaurant of Norcross. The menu is big and ubiquitous, the place was jammed on a Sunday afternoon, and the food was well done. Feeling the effects of a cold, the simple […]

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Now Open – Świt Bakery and Cafe

April 4, 2012

While picking up some more coffee and having a great teeth-chattering afternoon espresso at Octane Westside, I noticed that just across the street, Świt Bakery and Cafe in Brickworks had opened. Once I suppressed the naseau from paying $34 for a pound of coffee, I walked across the street and checked it out. It’s the […]

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