Octopus Bar

January 25, 2012 · 3 comments

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I made my first visit to Octopus Bar last night, the restaurant which opens at 10PM inside of So Ba in East Atlanta Village. In short, I really enjoyed it. They have a menu that begs for exploration, cold oysters, inexpensive craft beers, and the best muther flippin’ lobster roll I can recall. Lots of awesome facial hair in the crowd too. Damn my youthful complexion, I’ll never fit in!

We tried the kumamoto and beausoleil oysters, ankimo, lobster roll, salt and pepper shrimp, uni pasta, and rabbit cavetelli.

My photos are extra terrible because it’s darker than Mordor in there. For a real review, check out Besha’s post. But for haiku’s describing what I ate, read below.

briny and well shucked
fairly priced taste of the sea
beasoleils bested

octopus bar

the oceans pate
roe pops across silk liver
it was sort of bland

octopus bar

the musk of butter
chilly crustacean delights
I don’t deserve this

octopus bar

oh plump crispy prawn
you’re overcooked though piquant
slurp the pungent head

octopus bar

gonads I crave you
lovely fresh pasta so sweet
but not quite funky

octopus bar

chicken and dumplings
but pasta with cauliflower
bested the classic

octopus bar

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  • Serena Simpson

    Thanks for the review I will make my over and try this place.


  • Brad Kaplan

    Haiku makes any good meal even better. Especially when you can throw in gonads.

  • Brad’s Subconscious

    I think I’ll write a similar review for a restaurant called the Spence.

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