Bell Street Burritos

December 2, 2011 · 4 comments

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Last night Katie and I tried the new Bell Street Burritos on the Westside. It’s near Flip in the old Social House space, where I once had a stunningly bad breakfast.

Willy’s has been our go-to place on Howell Mill for a quick meal for a long time; It’s close to our home, I think they use fresh ingredients, they’re consistent, and the burritos and beer are inexpensive. This particular location also has a full bar.

The throne is in jeopardy. Not since my last visit to Anna’s in Boston have I day-dreamed of a burrito.

What’s that? You’d like an iPhone photo of a partially eaten pork and green chile burrito? Well tip ‘o the cap to you sir, proceed!

The packed to the brim tortilla is appropriately steamed, dense, chewy and substantial. The shredded pork is tender and moist. Just a hint of heat from the chiles. But the beans! The tender yet firm pinto beans are astoundingly good. I rarely order pintos as they are so often mushy, but these were clearly prepared properly, which is to say, with a watchful eye. The rice was a tad overcooked but one could argue it assists in cohesion. The burrito is massive, by the way, not for the faint of appetite.

We tried the cheese dip and salsas too. They made a good chip selection, substantially thick but not heavy. The cheese dip…is cheese dip, and the green salsa is pleasant, but the thin style red salsa is really fantastic, so flavorful, it’s on point son!

I don’t know if a liquor license is in the works, but if they start offering beer, Bell Street will definitely be up there on my neighborhood rotation.

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  • Sounds great! Looks like the Westside is expanding down Howell Mill…

  • Friends don’t let friends go to willy’s!

  • jim

    We tried it out on Friday and agree with your review across the board. Also, they told us that we can brown bag our own booze until they get a license. So, swing by Hop City for a growler on the way and you are set.

  • Eric B.

    Damn I was right by there yesterday and was needed a mexican fix, but missed BSB.

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