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May 6, 2010 · 11 comments

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Oh hi there. I see you noticed my box of frozen pork. Let me tell you about it.

I picked it up from Emile DeFelice (mysteriously pictured below wearing the white hat), the proprietor of Caw Caw Creek about 40 minutes Southeast of Columbia, SC. Emile raises multiple kinds of heirloom pigs, who happily wander around the farm, eat acorns, and fornicate on occasion. That is, until they are finally slaughtered and sold to chefs like recent James Beard winner Sean Brock of McCrady’s, Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and me.

Yeah yeah, you too can buy it on the Caw Caw website.

As I work in Columbia a few days a week, I met up with Emile in a super sketchy metal building behind an abandoned looking (yet functioning) car wash downtown. The small “distribution center” was filled with floor freezers, with various body part labels. Pig body parts mostly, I hope.

I first heard about Caw Caw Creek from The Dude two weeks ago, and since then it’s become one of those things where I’m now seeing their name everywhere. There was a minifeature on Emile and his country prosciutto ($15/lb – whole hams only) in Bon Appetit this month. Also, local blogger Jason Molinari of Cured Meats, and an active participant on 285 Foodies, has a recent blog post regarding lardo, where he mentions using Caw Caw fatback. I inquired with Jason and he told me that Emile’s pork is “AMAZING”.

You can see my initial haul below. I had to go out of town the day after I bought all this, but I’m trying the loin roast tonight.

This weekend I’m also going to kick off Jason’s recipe for lardo using this fatback. Hopefully it’s thick enough. When I asked if Emile if he had any thicker pieces, he said that the pigs aren’t quite as fat this time of year. Something about that statement is comforting.

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  • TFL

    We will be ordering immediately !

  • I had to do a google search after all this Caw Caw tweeting and of course your post comes up! Let me know when the next delivery is…

  • Riddick

    This is in response to your earlier Momofuku pork belly post. You can get BIG slabs of pork belly at the Atlanta Farmer’s Market in Plaza Fiesta off BuHi. Not organic, but butchered in house. Some of their meat is sketchy, and I also dont really trust that they are totally honest about their wild/farmed seafood labeling, but I have always been pleased with the quality of pork that I have gotten there,and I have bought a lot of it. Its worth a gander if you are in the area. I am actually using the Momofuku recipe you posted on to render some pork fat for a goat I am smoking this weekend, so thanks for the pics

    I was also at Cochon 555; tons of fun. Subsequently planned a food trip to Chucktown in order to visit FIG and McCrady’s.

    Love the blog etc. Blah, blah, blah. Keep on rockin.

  • Thanks Riddick, I appreciate it!

  • LTF



    Why the &$@* don’t I have a giant box of frozen pork parts?? That looks amazing.

    I would hope that you have had the chance to break in some of that pork since posting this.

    Whats the verdict?

  • Jimmy

    I am very pleased so far. The pork loin roast was outstanding, better than the chops, but the loin roast was cooked better than the chops, which I smoked for a bit too long.

    I did a quick cure, then smoke on part of the jowl, which I’ve been slicing thin and frying like bacon. Very good, nice variety from regular bacon.

    The bacon is good, but I know you’re a Benton’s guy and this isn’t going to best his.

    The chorizo is really, really good.

    That’s all I’ve dug into so far.

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