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December 10, 2008 · 4 comments

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Had a quick lunch with a friend yesterday over at Star Provisions, and now looking at the picture above I am already drooling again.

I’ve been to SP a bunch of times, but for some reason I’ve never ordered take-out or sandwiches. I’ve only picked up cheese, meats, and mushrooms, all of which have been fantastic. They have their own cured meats and the cheese monger (fun word to say) has some good stuff and will cut you off a piece to order. Link to their 235 page cheese PDF here. The meat selection will vary but they have some interesting stuff; once I saw Kobe hot dogs. I didn’t pick up any of those but I did get some great soppresata, salami, and other hard cured meats for a charcuterie plate and fancy pants grilled cheese and it ruled. More on their meats/seafood here. I forgot they have a good sized offering of oysters too; I need to remember to take advantage of that.

The entrance to SP is the same once you’d walk through to enter Bacchanalia. You can kind of see it in this dreary photo below. Between JCT, Figo, Taqueria del Sol, and the Bacchanalia/Quinones/SP medley, the parking lot is a BMW and Mercedes commercial.

Anyways, the sandwich menu is here, and that is what we were using to order. In addition to sandwiches, they have some pizzas and a Blue Plate with chicken and some good looking sides if you are hungry enough.

I went with the pastrami reuben and my friend got the shrimp po’ boy.

Pretty good looking, no?

Mine was fantastic, and Sam said his was worth the $10 too. The bread on mine was fresh, but crunchy and delicious and held up well to all the greasy pastrami and cheesy sauciness. The pastrami looked too fatty at first, but it was tender and wasn’t a bit chewy so I was able to eat it without pulling all the meat off with each bite. It had a lot of flavor/fatty goodness.  A small bag of chips would have been nice for them to throw in at that price but all I got was a decent pickle.

Also worth noting is that The Local Farmstand, to the left of the SP entrance is now open on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s starting at 10AM. They bring in fresh fruits and veggies from two farms and they had some real good lucking greens when I went in there.

Lastly – come out to this area on Saturday, where they will be having the Westside Winter Festival. More info here.

Somewhat related – I also reviewed this on Yelp. I like using Yelp to find restaurants and wanted to contribute, but am not sure about taking the time to do this site and a full Yelp review. I plan on just doing a few lines of comments in Yelp, then linking to my full write-ups here. Is that uncouth? I don’t want the Yelp review to be a shameless plug for this site, but hey, I gotta real job and writing up two full posts takes some time.

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