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It’s lame that I want to start every post I write with an explanation of why I don’t post anymore. I always hated reading blogs that do that. I’m trying to find ways to juggle family life, grad school, and work, and I’m making some progress. I even got to cook this weekend – breakfast for me and the boy (bribing him to eat eggs for pieces of sausage), goat tacos with my brother, and baked rigatoni with chicken parm.

To get it all done, creativity is required – lately I’ve been jogging with my kid in one of those expensive strollers, which I enjoy. Similarly when I go out to eat it’s often with the family these days, so we select spots that are affordable and comfortable, which is how we arrived at Bartaco on the Westside, one of three Atlanta locations for the chain which also owns Barcelona (soon to open the 2nd location at Iron Works on the Westside.)

It took a while for me to go to Bartaco, and I sort of wanted to hate it. It’s a chain. I heard tacos were small and a little pricey. They have valet parking. That’s really what takes me over the edge. Fucking valet tacos.

I was wrong. Not only did I greatly enjoy the food, it was a great vibe, and extremely family welcoming. An employee brought spare toys to the table to entertain the little one. The manager was super inquisitive to find out how we enjoyed everything.

“Ever had our oyster tacos? They’re my favorite.”, he asks. Blammo, there are two for us to try on the house. The margaritas are excellent too. All right man, I get it, this place is good.



phallus falafel tacos for the vegetarians


crispy baja fish taco (really good)


fried oyster tacos


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