Tasty China (again)

April 22, 2014 · 5 comments

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The New York Times wrote an article about Peter Chang, thus ending the editorial circle jerk surrounding the [nomadic|peripatetic|insert thesaurus driven descriptor here] Sichuan chef.

Though Virginia appears to be where he’s settled in for the long haul, Mr. Chang left an indelible chile oil stain on Atlanta, and his Sichuan peppercorns live on in our hearts and our quivering bowels via the two Tasty China locations.

We recently visited the Marietta location for the first time in a while. The second location is much closer to my home, but I tend to prefer the food from the original, and it’s a bit more relaxed and has better service.

I was very pleased with the dishes we tried, a mix of favorites and newer (to me) items, such as the fiery boiled peanuts with cucumber, and the boiled fish with pickled cabbage. Everything was spicy (our doing) and everything was really good. The bill was something like $75 for seven people. And they said they’d knock off 10% if we paid with cash. Hooray tax fraud!

Photos below.

ma la tofu skin

Tasty China

ma la boiled peanuts and cucumber

Tasty China

boiled fish and pickled cabbage

Tasty China

crispy pork belly

Tasty China

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  • Brown Class of ’99

    May 6 is a Tuesday. I could be wrong, but I think that’s an advertisement from an event in 2012.

  • I’m a moron. I just saw an upcoming month/day and ran with it. Thanks.

  • OHMY. How do I get myself that crispy pork belly? I’ve never seen it cooked that way ever.

  • kum

    Café Sunflower is a great vegetarian restaurant.

  • jrsobeck

    And, the Marietta location is BYOB, making it an even greater bargain.

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