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Himalayan Spice

Made a visit to Himalayan Spice with this guy. I had no previous notion of Nepalese food, which unsurprisingly bears much resemblance to some Indian dishes. Read Brad’s post for details. I’d share the badam and bhatmas again, but it’s a bit repetitive for one person. Dumplings – plump and juicy – check.

Himalayan Spice

Goat thali was very nice too. Did you know goat is the most eaten meat in the world? Google that shit.

Himalayan Spice

You could say that a mezze platter is the Middle East’s form of thali. I say it all the time and it feels smart. I also order it at Cafe Agora, which opened in Midtown many months ago, just a chickpea throw away from Empire State South. No, the exuberant and personal-space-invading Al (proprietor of the original Buckhead location) is not there, but a younger gentleman was eager to please, and less prone to sticking his fingers in my mouth, which I appreciate.

The mezze in Midtown is just as amazing. Carrot salad, tabbouleh, potato salad, tomato salad, hummus, baba ghanoush, bean salad, eggplant salad, and yogurt. This should be on my rotation every week.

Cafe Agora Midtown.

I visited Mi Cocina in Midtown, the Dallas chain who imaginatively decided that people wanted more chains of mediocre Tex-Mex, but we will blow their minds as it’s in a somewhat fancy location!!!

Everything on my enchilada and tamale plate was so salty it was close to inedible. It was a nice touch to watch the bartender get in a huff and exclaim to us, “the kitchen is killing me tonight.”

I highly recommend it.


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