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Last year Brad from Creative Loafing wrote an article about Batavia on Shallowford off Buford Highway, in the old space that used to be Delicious Kabob. When he suggested it for a recent lunch meet-up to swap blogger gossip, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s turned out to be a destination I’ve constantly craved since.

The space is part grocery store, part buffet, the latter having a very diverse range of excellent looking options – bright greens and vivid curries and stewed meats – it was hard to choose my three items, which with rice is a steal at $6.99.

I had the fish curry (a tasty, but small whole fish), jalapeño chicken, and beef rendang. All were spicy and packed with flavor, with a heavy hand of cardamom.

Brad had an excellent beef tendon dish, not too chewy, with some nice kale, and a vegetable fritter that I believe to be called bawkan sayur, which was fine, but tastes like most any fried batter thing and is not fried to order.

My return visit can’t come soon enough. There are ala carte options to be explored, including fish and other specials. This place should get way more play, and it will, at least by me.

Here’s another blogger’s take on Batavia if you want some more info and photos.


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  • Emily Allred

    Thanks for the link. Your photos are stunning and inspire me to visit Batavia again soon!

  • David Sweeney shops if i recall … #Legit

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