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November 12, 2008 · 4 comments

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Yesterday I mentioned I would check out Toscano & Sons, and indeed I did head over there for a quick lunch. It’s located at 1000 Marietta; a relatively new development very close to Georgia Tech. Toscano & Sons is directly next door to where the new 5 Seasons Brewery will be located, which is nice for us Westsider’s.

Toscano & Sons is a small, quaint establishment – there are a few small tables, some food displays with various pastas, sauces, antipasto, and so forth for sale, and then a food prep/butcher counter where food is ordered and prepared. I picked up an Italian carbonated water for < $1 and ordered a small soup of the day, minestrone, for $2. The soup had tons of vegetables and was good.

All the sandwiches were the same price – $4.75. I ordered the toscano which has soppressata, fontina cheese, and arugula on some nice cibatta bread (which they also have for sale). The bread was very fresh with a great crust that was chewy, but not so tough that it cut up the roof of my mouth. It is a small amount of filler, like a real Italian panini, so don’t expect a 1lb Kool Korner’s sandwich.

Having a soup and sandwich, I had plenty of food at a reasonable price, and it was of very good quality. I will definitely go back to try some of the other panini. The porchetta is high on my list.

Mike was happy with his chicken panini. Note that they had some wines there too. I didn’t look at the wines very long, but I recognized a bunch of Italian wines you can get at a lot of places around town.

I picked up a few groceries too – some pizza sauce (sue me, it’s convenient), some Caputo 00 Italian flour, and some domestic mozzarella. They had some imported mozzarella but it’s expensive and I didn’t want to waste the real good stuff on pizza; I’d eat that by itself. Also, I think the imported buffalo mozzarella is the same brand that Costo sells, so I could probably save some $ there.

Last night’s pizza, using the purchased sauce and cheese. It came out very well.

If you in midtown or westside, give Toscano & Sons a try. It’s not exactly the Italian Market I expected, kind of more of a specialty shop, but it was a great quick lunch, something a little different, and i was more than happy with the quality and the price.

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