Bone Garden Pozole

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Bone Garden Pozole Verde

Bone Garden Cantina is very close to my home, and I find myself enjoying it more and more, and subsequently craving it more often. I live even closer to Nuevo Laredo, but to me Nuevo only satisfies a specific craving – when I need a bunch of chips and salsa and some sloppy Tex/Mex food. I like Nuevo, but I get tired of it. The food can be hit or miss (For example, brisket can be incredible, or tough and dry.) It can be crowded. Remote parking and darting across the busy street can be interesting/scary.

Bone Garden may have officially surpassed Nuevo in my Mexican food rotation. Bone Garden has better drinks – a very nice selection of margaritas and mezcal and tequila. The cantina margarita is my go-to lately – lime juice, tequila, and triple sec. It’s not sweet at all, and that’s the way I want it. No headaches from these choice margaritas.

Tacos are good, especially the chile picante (with the arbol sauce, habanero option is also good too though) my friend John turned me on to. I have to order it nearly every time. Guacamole and cheese dip are good. You can do a trio of that, adding salsa, for $8.75. That’s very fair. They have enchiladas, tamales, better sides (corn can be great), and unique offerings like spicy red goat soup.

That’s what I went in craving this weekend, that goat soup fiery and warm on a blustery (finally, Atlanta) day where I am finally turning the corner on a cold and congestion. But the daily special of pozole verde caught my eye, and holy smokes this is just what the doctor ordered. You can see the picture above – it’s gorgeous and tasted as perfect as it looks. Avocado, chicken, tomatillo, hominy, cheese, herbs, etc. Chicharrón on the side for extra bonus. I hit it with the creamy habanero salsa (ask the wait staff), and it is basically THE Mexican soup I want all the time now. I’m not sure how often this special is on rotation. I just called Bone Garden and the gal I spoke with said it’s really up to the kitchen when it’s served.

If anyone is reading this, and knows when it’s back on, let me know. I will be there.

Bone Garden Pozole Verde

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