December 31, 2014

salty egg & mustard green soup @ Mamak As an occasionaly dutiful blogger, I keep lists of things. Post ideas. Dishes I really enjoyed. Food I want to cook. And restaurants I want to visit. It’s been harder to keep up with it all, but I still update the restaurant list and browse it when discussing the […]

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New Lan Zhou |Chinatown Food Court

September 22, 2014

Quick bite – the spicy hand-pulled noodle soup with beef at New Lan Zhou in the Chinatown food court. I think it was $6.99, cash only. Really fantastic. What a great in-town Chinese food court, I don’t make it there enough. Noodles, Sichuan, Hong Kong style BBQ, and dim sum all represented.

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Momofuku Pork Buns; The Hard and Easy Way

March 11, 2011

I’ve learned there are two ways two make the Momofuku pork buns. One is time consuming and unrewarding, the other, quick and stress free. I made the buns soon after the cookbook came out, during a full day of frantic Fuku cooking. Trying four new recipes from the cookbook isn’t recommended in one afternoon. There […]

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Kimchi Miso Dumplings

March 4, 2011

More fun with miso, this time kimchi based dumplings. One batch with firm pressed/minced tofu, another with ground pork. The great thing about using kimchi for dumplings is it has inherent flavor, and this kimchi had scallions, so I didn’t need to add a bunch of ingredients for flavor or filler. It’s super fast to […]

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Miso Carbonara

March 3, 2011

On my recent visit to the BuHi Farmer’s market, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase some miso paste. I’ve known that there are loads of options for this fermented soybean product, but I had yet to dig into the possibilities. Miso can be used in a variety of ways – a condiment, the […]

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Dan Moo Ji

October 25, 2010

I was driving back from Greenville to Atlanta on Friday, which of course meant I’d be stopping in Duluth to eat. Duluth is so far from my place on the Westside, and my schedule has been so busy, I really don’t get up that way to eat much lately unless I happen to be passing […]

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Momofuku: Chicken Wings

April 28, 2010

The Momofuku recipe for chicken wings starts with a warning – “This is the world’s longest recipe for chicken wings. Sorry. But they’re very, very good chicken wings”. The writing in this cookbook takes this tone often, but I like it. It’s straight forward, and often admits that some things are ridiculously tedious, whereas the […]

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Bon Appetit: Deep-Fried Egg with Sriracha Remoulade

March 6, 2010

Bon Appétit Series Background Recap: I was tired of reading the magazine each month, saying, “Oh that looks great, I’ll make that”, then the magazine ends up in the cupboard or trash, never to been seen again. Never more! Now I’m holding myself publicly accountable; each month I will cook at least one recipe from […]

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