New Lan Zhou |Chinatown Food Court

September 22, 2014 · 2 comments

in atlanta, dining out

Spicy beef noodle soup

Quick bite – the spicy hand-pulled noodle soup with beef at New Lan Zhou in the Chinatown food court. I think it was $6.99, cash only.

Really fantastic.

What a great in-town Chinese food court, I don’t make it there enough. Noodles, Sichuan, Hong Kong style BBQ, and dim sum all represented.

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  • Sally Morris

    I’ll try it. I’m in Duluth but totally intimidated by Korean.

  • Melissa Bayliss

    Thanks for the review! We did end up going there to try out the noodles, they were good but not as amazing as the noodles we had at Biang in NY. I also ordered the soup dumplings, but prefer the soup dumplings at Chef Liu (even with their subpar health rating) and the bbq steamed bun, which I actually thought was a little tough. I think that I need to try this place again when the noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods and Biang in NYC aren’t so fresh in my mind. You are right, the food is very very reasonable. Thanks for the info!

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