Central Texas BBQ – Snow’s, Kreuz, Black’s, La BBQ, Louie Mueller, more…

July 15, 2015

For more than six months, I’ve been wanting to post these photos, but haven’t found the time. Wait, time isn’t found, it’s made, as my father reminds me. He being the likely source of my fastidiousness which fuels the type of person (A/INTJ) who spends a month writing spreadsheets and plotting maps for a dude’s trip around Central Texas with a […]

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Jet’s Pizza

July 6, 2015

Until recently I’d never tried Jet’s Pizza, a small chain out of Michigan with some locations around Atlanta. I’d never even heard of them until my brother told me about them, as there is one near his home in Smyrna. They have all kinds of pizza, but the square cut Detroit style is what we’re here to […]

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June 17, 2015

My father had surgery on both feet last week, so he’s laid up and generous friends have been dropping off food to make life a bit easier. Our friends Alba and Javi, who relocated from Barcelona to Greenville a few years ago, dropped off this beautiful tortilla, a Spanish omelet of potato and onion and egg. […]

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BoccaLupo Risotto

June 12, 2015

This risotto at BoccaLupo was on special about ten days ago, and a similar version remained earlier this week when I returned just a few days later, once I remembered that it is one of the best restaurants in town and my ass needed to embrace that fact. This $31 behemoth of slick rice and sea treats is […]

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Pizza & Tacos & Stuff [Le Fat, Tasty China, Lusca, Villa Real, more]

June 9, 2015

Maybe it’s time to end the old blog. I can’t really keep up with it with a family these days, and I start grad school in August, and it’s much easier to simply post photos on Instagram. Though, that’s not a great venue to offer opinion. Not that I offer much criticism anymore, it’s mostly “highlight style” […]

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Nuevo Laredo – Tortas and Stuff

May 29, 2015

Nuevo Laredo is right by my house, but I don’t go often as it gets crowded and parking can be difficult, and waiting around the parking lot with a one year old isn’t much fun. There are plenty of Nuevo detractors (they still rock the No Meredith Ford sign in the window) but it scratches an itch. And […]

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Krog St. Market – Gu’s and Fred’s Sampling

May 22, 2015

Find of the month! I was sitting at a red light near the intersection of Irwin and Boulevard, watching someone on a bike doing some sort of stand-still balancing act with their pant leg of their jeans curiously curled up, grease swiped on her tattooed calf, when four electric vehicles came buzzing down Irwin in succession, so I decided […]

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Superico Fundido

May 13, 2015

After a few visits, I can say I really enjoy Ford Fry’s Superica at Krog Street Market. I don’t like the puffy taco for which they keep saying they are so famous, but everything else has been very solid to delicioso. The chips and gratis salsas, the margaritas, the patio, service, enchiladas, crunchy tacos, and the […]

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