Moonie’s Texas BBQ Revisit

June 19, 2014

This past weekend I revisited Moonie’s Texas BBQ in Flowery Branch. Twice. We were on our way to spend some time with family in Highlands, NC like proper Atlantans (spoken in three syllables) do in the summer, when I realized we would pass the Flowery Branch exit on 985, and Moonie’s is just a short mile off […]

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Atlanta Food & Wine 2014

June 2, 2014

As mentioned, I attended the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival on Saturday, for just enough time to hit a few classes and the tasting tents for about an hour. My participation was less than years past, in part because I’m busy with family and we bought a new home on Friday. If all goes well we […]

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Pain Killer

May 30, 2014

Attending a wedding, I spent some time in the US Virgin Islands this past weekend. It was gorgeous and fun and I got sun-burned and drank beach drinks. What drinks, you may ask? Mostly painkillers, an island favorite. For a vacation-ey, coconut drink, most people initially think of the pina colada, which are mostly comprised of coconut cream […]

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Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Upcoming

May 22, 2014

This year’s iteration of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (guide here - tasting tent talent here) begins a week from today. Various ticket packages are still available. I will admit that I’m on a media pass for Saturday (denied the three day pass, my Q rating is dropping), but I’ve paid in the past and it’s worth it. […]

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José Andrés Salt Wrinkled Potatoes

May 21, 2014

You should try this recipe for José Andrés’ salt boiled/wrinkled potatoes. You slow simmer small potatoes in a TON of salt, then pour off most of the water when tender and cook until the water evaporates and the salt crystallizes on the surface of the potatoes. Then you cover and let the potatoes wrinkle a bit. It’s sort of […]

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Huku/Craft Izakaya

May 20, 2014

It hasn’t been in my budget lately, but the last month I’ve visited Sushi Huku twice for some raw fish fun. Huku may not have the sexiness and flash of Umi, the hot sushi restaurant right now, but Chef Jey Oh is a friend, and Huku has the “regular” vibe and personal, casual attention I enjoy. Huku […]

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Stovetop (Pork) Steak

May 19, 2014

Recently the New York Times’ Julia Moskin wrote an article about cooking steaks on the stovetop. The article reads like cooking a steak on a skillet is a novel or intimidating process, but it had a few interesting thoughts. I’m always reading articles about seemingly simple and time tested methods like cooking a steak or […]

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Eating Las Vegas 4 [Joel Robuchon, Chada, Carnevino, Cut, BarMasa, Julian Serrano]

May 14, 2014

This year I’ve made two visits to Vegas, both trips for work related conferences, and both times I had friends in town so I could add a little fun to my days of seminars and product pitches. I am not going to describe everything I ate or each locale, but simply offer some lists, photos, and a few thoughts. The […]

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