January 2014 Gavage

January 23, 2015

Eating here and there. Jigae and pancake at So Kong Dong. My favorite for Korean stews. My first visit to the new location of Cafe Agora. The mixed maza platter is the jam. She-crab soup at Canoe for brunch. Murky and delicious. My brother nails a rib roast. Chicken laksa at Mamak. I’m no Malaysian […]

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Yalla & Fred’s Revisit

January 14, 2015

I visited Krog Street Market again last week, where if you don’t Instagram pictures of your food you are out of place. Dude and I decided to go early, right when Fred’s Meats and Bread and neighboring Yalla were opening at 11:30, to beat the Friday lunch rush. It was a critical move, and completely necessary if you need to get back […]

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Breakfast Burrito – El Taco Veloz

January 11, 2015

Once in college I drove 16 hours to San Antonio to watch Georgia Tech play in the Final Four. It’s a favorite memory of mine. Camping out all night for student tickets in a make shift shanty town near the box office. The drive itself, a car full of dudes, with requisite stops at What-A-Burger, […]

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Christmas 2014: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

January 9, 2015

It’s basically the holiday that won’t end. Christmas is still going on for me – I have more gift exchanges this weekend with grandparents. But the main events are over and I’m back into the regular swing of things at work, and have even hit the gym a few times to sweat out the booze […]

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More Asheville & Curate

January 7, 2015

Just two months ago Asheville was a topic on this formerly Atlantan site, but guess what, you’re about to be force-fed Asheville again, but in tapas format, which is more manageable, and great for sharing! It was the holiday season and I took wifey to the Biltmore, which I’d never seen, and even on a dreary […]

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2014 Favorites

January 2, 2015

2014 wasn’t my favorite year. It went by too fast. I didn’t cook enough, work out enough, get together with friends enough, enjoy my family enough, write enough, and drank too much. I’m a very goal oriented person, with written lists and I didn’t hold myself accountable in many areas. It will be improved upon […]

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December 31, 2014

salty egg & mustard green soup @ Mamak As an occasionaly dutiful blogger, I keep lists of things. Post ideas. Dishes I really enjoyed. Food I want to cook. And restaurants I want to visit. It’s been harder to keep up with it all, but I still update the restaurant list and browse it when discussing the […]

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How BBQ is like Sushi

December 19, 2014

As I wrote this week’s post about Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, it occured to me that BBQ and sushi have something in common and I think it contributes greatly to why I love both experiences. At Little Miss we arrived late in the BBQ day (which at hot spots means you weren’t in line before they opened) and we ended […]

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