Everybody Loves Ramen @ Empire State South

March 2, 2015

In case you missed it, Empire State South has a ramen pop-up series going every Sunday evening from 6-8PM at the bar only, brought to you by chef Vas Sanchez. The ramen is changing every week – my one sampling being a delectable, sleep-inducing bowl of tonkotsu, which appears below with a strange frothiness (the chef was Vitamixing them to order, I presume […]

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Sichuan Beef

February 26, 2015

In my recent post about Gu’s I complained of the missing “kick my ass” element as compared to the old days of Peter Cheng. THIS is how it’s done. Blogger emeritus Rowdy cooked up this beef dish the other night for us. It is over the top in a way, but fantastic. The Sichuan peppercorns […]

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On The Bayou

February 24, 2015

Due to the relative proximity of my home down Atlanta road, my office in Vinings, trips to Costco to buy epic portions of toilet paper, and my brother living off Spring Rd, I often find myself in the Smyrna area looking for somewhere to grab a decent lunch. I used to hit Yakitori Jenbei or […]

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Gu’s Bistro

February 19, 2015

It had been a while since I’d been to Gu’s Bistro, the popular Sichuan restaurant on Buford Highway, with a soon-to-open dumpling stall in Krog Street Market. Gu’s has always been a little more approachable than the temple of assburn which initiated so many of us in Atlanta – Tasty China. It’s friendlier. Cleaner. Yvonne […]

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Two Real Nice Lunches – Spice to Table, Leon’s

February 15, 2015

The last two weekends have been quite nice. While slightly chilly, the sun has been shining and it feels like a time to go out and do something. Maybe the belt line? Have you been to the belt line? OMG stampede on the belt line towards Krog Street Market!?!? God help the children trying to buy ice […]

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Fried Baked Hot Wings

February 13, 2015

I’ve chronicled it many times, but hot wings are my side piece, and there are very few instances that would cause me to swipe left. I’ve seen many attempts to make a solid baked chicken wing, but there are just some things that will always be better than alternatives, and fried wings will always best baked ones. However, […]

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Pendergrass Flea Market Food Court

February 10, 2015

If you find yourself on I-85 about half way between Atlanta and Greenville on a weekend, there is quite the interesting shopping opportunity and food court at the Pendergrass Flea Market. The flea market is part shopping mall, part yard sale, with a dash of state fair, and they happen to have a thriving food court, […]

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February 9, 2015

The modern, expensive steakhouse isn’t really known for being hip or on the cutting edge of culinary trends. They are generally predictable, having a typical assortment of raw bar selections, a la carte sides with (perhaps) a (mildly) unique approach towards spinach or potato, classic cocktails, large and fanciful selections of fish like turbot or dover sole, and of course, […]

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