Quick Chorizo Nachos

October 7, 2013 · 1 comment

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This is a fairly common snack for me. Just a few nachos, never stacked. If I have my way I eat a few little things throughout the day instead of stuffing myself. Really, my appetite isn’t what it used to be anyways. I’m over the whole “look at how much shit I can eat at my three lunches” phase of blogging. It’s obscene and impresses no one.

I do wish I could go out and try some new places though, it’s been tough with the new baby mucking up everything. When we do go out, we keep it simple or stick with tried-and-true comfort restaurants. I drove past Sobban the other day, and it was packed. I really wanted to swing in and try some Korean fried chicken, but noooo, the baby needed dinner or a bath or something. Geez, baby, pull your weight.

Yeah, ok. Nachos.

I always have cheddar cheese and corn chips on hand. And I often have Mexican chorizo in stock too, in my freezer. You may be wondering what good frozen chorizo will do you, but here’s my secret. The Ole brand comes in packages of six tubes. I take out a tube and put it in a pot of simmering water while I prepare my other ingredients. In those few minutes, the chorizo is fully cooked, in the bag. Then, whilst the tube is submerged, I pierce the packaging with a knife which releases the boiling grease.

You then have fully cooked (sous vide?), less greasy chorizo, ready to put on your just melted cheese. I like to add scallions or cilantro, I usually have at least one of those, and sometimes use salsa but usually prefer Valentina hot sauce, my mexican hot sauce of choice.

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