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February 5, 2014 · 1 comment

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Most of Atlanta must already know about TON TON, the winter pop-up by Guy Wong of Miso Izakaya at Octane Grant Park, because the last few weeks, it appears most of Atlanta has been visiting for the weekly Sunday evening event. I planned on attending the first evening, until I saw social media reports of two hour waits and greater, causing me to nix that idea.

Setting aside some time the following week, I waited until a little bit later, and thankfully the wait was just ten minutes or so, though I was told I could go directly to the bar and order there. By waiting, I missed the KFC (Korean fried chicken), but was able to snag a beer, a crispy soft-shell crab, and a nice bowl of miso ramen, which leaned towards the fatty side, but I appreciated that on a cold Sunday evening. It was a really nice bowl of ramen, full of pork belly, menma, spinach, and a very nice egg, which has been one of Guy’s calling cards for a while.

Everyone gets their guts tickled for tonkotsu ramen, which I appreciate as well, but it’s nice to have variety. A good miso, shio, or shoyu ramen is always welcome on my plate. Serious Eats did a good job summarizing ramen styles a while back, if you want to read some more stuff instead of working.

They took a breather last Sunday, after the previous week, in which all profits went to Team Hidi, but they will be back, posting up this Sunday, February 8. It’s definitely worth checking out.

I was hoping this was a precursor to a new ramen shop in the old Yum Bunz space, but mysteriously in the last week, the name Le Fat has surfaced in association with this location, with promises of Vietnamese food.

* disclaimer – I do know Guy Wong. So well, in fact, that we say hello to each other when we see each other and shake hands. *

the scene at Octane Grant Park


A sample menu.


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  • Jek Porkins

    A simple correction, they are spelled Taun-Taun, and I wasn’t sure the FDA had approved them for sale in the United States yet? But black market goods from Hoth are so hot right now.

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