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January 8, 2013 · 5 comments

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La Tagliatella

Check it – a few photos from a quick initial visit to La Tagliatella, the huge European chain of Italian food, who decided to enter the U.S. market via Atlanta.

The menu is quite big. There are many pasta and sauce variations, many appetizers, salads, calzones, and a page full of pizzas.

The foccacia bread basket is good. And it’s not free, which was not quite clear when I first sat down and was asked, “Would you like bread?”

$4 of annoyance aside, it is pretty darn good. A couple with tomatoes, another with onions, another with olives.

La Tagliatella

The Al Parmigiano pizza, one half without bacon. Looking at it, I thought I might not like it. I’m a dough guy and this is basically a flat bread, cracker-like in texture. Actually, that works out well. I’d rather have a minimalist dough like this, then a poor attempt of a puffy, dough-blow nature. Hot and crisp, it had tons of good Taleggio cheese, shavings of powerful Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a heap of “bacon” which are thick pieces of belly.

La Tagliatella

La Tagliatella

The pizza would have been enough for two, but I didn’t realize the size, and we also split a pasta – tagliatelle pesto rosso panna (“cream sauce with sole di Puglia tomatoes, pine nuts and cheese”). I liked that it wasn’t overly creamy and sauced, and while subtle flavor can be appreciated, thought it was a little boring. The pasta was a bit overcooked too. It too, represents two full bellies. To-go bags were in order.

La Tagliatella

Gelato. Not too shabby. $6.

La Tagliatella

The inside – heeeelloooo wood work. A little gaudy, but pleasant. I don’t like the corner table of the restaurant (which is in the old Silk location, I think), in that large window. I felt like we were on the sidewalk. Everyone walking around that intersection looked at us eat. A few made faces at us. Hey, assholes, I’m just eating lunch. OK fine, I’ll put my pants back on.

La Tagliatella

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  • tami

    your photos are really lovely, jimmy! happy new year!

  • Thanks Tami, you too!

  • julio_chorizo

    I can’t imagine any reasonable person thinking that basket of artisanal focaccia would be free (that is, unless you’re accustomed to everything being gratis). E.I.A. – will you be accepting any kind of discount from La Tagliatella if they contact you regarding your review?

  • Mom, would you please stop commenting on my blog!

  • JJ

    seriously? they can contact me about your review of jimmy’s review and offer me a $4 discount so I can respond with a “yes” to the server’s cryptic question

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