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Hope you had a good holiday. Despite a pain in the ass cold the whole time, I had great fun, drank  much wine, and ate fancy with family. I splurged on a few items, but got exactly what I wanted out of them. In addition to being delicious, oysters and caviar add an air of celebration, that of a rare treat,  and are a communal experience.

We also cooked a fresh ham, a first for me. After much research of how to cook a 27# ham, we wet brined it, then slow roasted it in the oven for nine hours, blasting it with the addition of a herb paste. The finished ham may not be the prettiest, a glaze would likely photo better, I was quite happy with it. It could have been cooked five degrees less, but it was very tender, and juicy in a way that I find pastured pork only to be.

Merry Christmas!

fancy things

fancy things

fancy things

fresh ham

fresh ham

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  • Thanks Jimmy! Glad your Christmas was full of cheer and wishing you a New Year of good health and prosperity!

  • NewbieNate

    Jimmy, do you have any recommendations in Atlanta for someone who is new to caviar? Either a restaurant or shop, as long as it’s relatively affordable would be great. Thanks for your help!

  • I’m not 100% sure – dining out it is going to be very expensive. I know Whole Foods has some but I cannot vouch for quality. You may try Star or similar but you never know what the prices will be! I know there are great deals to be found online. This tin is $20 and is excellent, though shipping will certainly add to the cost.

    If you buy enough, or get others to go in on it with you, the per unit shipping cost becomes much more reasonable.

    Good luck!

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