French Omelets

November 8, 2012 · 0 comments

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Apparently everyone had a tough time with the omelets last night on Top Chef. I can relate.

It’s something I’ve been working on, as I continue to mimic my friend Rowdy, who wowed me with his omelet skills after a long night of wine “tasting”.

Until I started watching the Jacque Pepin PBS show a couple years ago, I didn’t even know there was a different kind of omelet. The kind I always made, I dropped the beaten eggs in the pan, lift up the edges to let the runny part go underneath and cook, when almost set, drop some cheese, ham, etc in there and fold over.

This omelet is entirely different, and while I won’t describe in great detail about the differences in technique, or why to me a French omelet is better (one word – texture), it’s about the challenge of unobtainable perfection, about learning an actual skill, and improvements that can only be learned through experience, touch, and vision that one gains when making something a hundred times. It’s not following a bunch of steps from a magazine. It is a real attribute of a cook.

Meanwhile, I have made more poor French omelets than I have made good ones, and of the good ones, only a few would I present to anyone knows knows a damn about them.

I think a proper pan, something non-stick is needed. Julia Child was partial to one from The Pot Shop of Boston. They start at $150.

Me – I’m using a $3 non-stick pan from Wal-Mart. Non-stick pans always lose their veneer, but when mine does I’ll throw it away and go buy three more.

Francis Lam and John Kessler had nice pieces on French omelets last year. But watch the videos below to get an idea. And by the way, I think Pepin owns Puck in the omelet department.

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