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December 28, 2011 · 1 comment

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Moving on from Cooking and Booze, these are some of my favorites dishes from 2011. Similar to last year, it’s a solid mix of Atlanta and out-of-town dining, with NYC and my honeymoon heavy in the rotation. I’ve been blessed to have consumed, digested, and excreted a crap ton (nice visual, huh?) of stunning food this year. I still spend more money than I should, but I love dining, talking about previous dining experiences, planning my next dining trip, and even talking about the next course to come in the middle of dining. And that’s why I blog – all my friends are tired of hearing about it in person.

Most people have been going with nine or ten favorites, but I’m going to cruise through 36. Yeah, it’s a lot so I’ll be brief. And I’ll try not use to the word delicious more than twice.

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1. Matzo ball Tom Kha soup at Baan Sawan
2. Cauliflower at Eleven Madison Park
3. Nigiri at Soto in NYC
4. English breakfast with blood sausage at The Breslin, Ace Hotel NYC
5. Margherita Pizza at Jim Lahey’s Co. – NYC
6. Nucci at Varasano’s – still the best in Atlanta
7. Crawfish Shack Po’Boy – It’s not NOLA, but it’s pretty damn good
8. Heirloom BBQ – Everything, especially the brisket
9. Ikura at Sushi Huku
10. “An evening in Kerala” 21 course vegetarian dinner by Asha Gomez, whose Cardamom Hill opens next week on Northside
11. Chicken confit at the Glass Onion in Charleston
12. “California style sushi at Sushi Huku – I love it when Jey-san gets creative
13. General Tso’s sweetbreads at McCrady’s
14. Mirza Ghasemi (eggplant/tomato puree)at Sufi’s
15. Crudo at Customshop, Charlotte
16. I dined many times at Waffle House this year, but this moment was the best. Runner up Waffle House moment: seeing Bill Bellamy at a Columbia location around 1:30AM.
17. Wine dinner at Park 75. They killed it.
18. Blue tilapia at Pura Vida
19. Dessert at Double Zero
20. More awesome Cuban food at Arco Iris
21. Macaroons from Pierre Marcolini, Paris
22. Our forward and fun meal at L’Agape Substance, Paris. This “Caprese salad” rocked.
23. Cabbage root at L’Arpege, Paris
24. Veal wrapped in seaweed risotto at Le Chateaubriand, Paris
25. Spicy potato tapas on the beach at Pez Vela, Barcelona
26. Tuna tartare at Comerc 24.
27. Bean and quinoa bowl at Cakes & Ale Bakery
28. Chicken liver mousse at One Eared Stag
29. Most everything at H&F. There are still occasional misfires, but I always greatly enjoy my meals there. Charcuterie roxed it this particular night.
30. Japanese snapper nigiri with sea salt at Tomo Buckhead
31. Carrot Cake at Ocean Prime
32. Trout/potato/salmon roe pastry at M. Wells / BATON
33. Kimchi fried rice at Miso Izakaya
34. Lamb soup at Xi’an Famous Foods, NYC
35. Eponymous “Fuoco di Napoli” spicy pizza at Fuoco di Napoli
36. Octopus and marrow fusilli at Marea

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  • Mrs. Jimmy S.

    There are so many good memories for me on this list too!  11 Madison was my favorite meal stateside.  That cauliflower, oh man.  And I want some of that seaweed risotto right now for a midnight snack.  Thank you for taking me along so many of your dining excursions, and for picking out such wonderful places to eat and drink on our honeymoon!

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