Curly’s Fried Chicken

December 2, 2011 · 1 comment

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After LeRoy’s Fried Chicken closed, I was telling a friend, “someone should open up a hot chicken stand there. All the equipment is ready to go.”

I wasn’t far off.

Curly’s Fried Chicken opened today in the recently failed chicken shack. I noticed a guy hanging out the order window as I was on my way to get have my oil changed, so I decided to add a more tasty pit stop to my previously planned maintenance schedule.

While the menu is very different, the type face and fonts are quite similar. I did a double take when I first glanced at it as I thought it might be the same.

LeRoy’s was a partnership with the folks than own Fellini’s/La Fonda, but in this case the new owner is simply renting from them, they have nothing to do with the operation. The pressure fryers from LeRoy’s are intact, though they are now using canola instead of lard.

I sampled a thigh, wing, and drum, regular style (you have the option of the chicken being dipped in Buddy’s secret sauce).

Whereas LeRoy’s touted the quality of their natural Spring mountain chicken and the use of lard, and attempted to use an interesting but problematic buttermilk dipped crust, Curly’s chicken feels much more like straight forward single flour dip fried chicken.

The pieces are average size, probably not brined, with a simple crust, maybe a touch salty, and it lacked the slippery country style greasiness I enjoy a la Carver’s – it’s by no means earth shattering. But it’s extra crispy, tender, and affordable. A fine quick fried chicken fix if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t rush back, except that I want to try some sides and maybe a fried fish sandwich.

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  • Hotfoodhottie

    Mmmm! I too tried Curlys this weekend and loved it! I had Shays combo-dark meat and mac n cheese and curly fries …its definitely tasty food! And I love that Curly himself is back theory cooking it up :-)

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