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November 13, 2011 · 2 comments

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This weekend I tried to save a few bucks and eat some inexpensive, quick service meals. Katie and I hit the Howell Mill Food Park Friday night, where they happen to be filming the Cooking Channel Eat St. show this weekend. They are filming tomorrow at Tower Place in Buckhead if you want to be on television. They asked if they could interview me on camera as a local food truck expert, but I had not tried the truck in question.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been somewhat disenfranchised with the food truck scene in Atlanta. Long waits, high prices, and average food abound. There are many trucks I want to try, but I’m still waiting for an experience worth the effort.

We first tried the Fry Guy, which I initially sampled from their outpost in Poncey-Highlands before they had a truck. The fries were quite good, but Katie ordered the special which was listed as $3 on top of the regular price, she interpreted it as $3 total. So we ate some $8 french fries with parmesan and black truffle oil. Even as someone who blows money on undefendable purchases (read: Burgundy), I was displeased with the cost.

Next I tried a fish sandwich from Bushels. It’s fried white fish, on plain white bread, $5. It was crispy and hot and fine. We finished with a Red Queen apple cinnamon tart. It was my second purchase from her, and probably the best thing I’ve eaten to date in the food park. Really excellent.

The next day I stopped at HD1 on the way to a friend’s house (to watch football and make demi-glace, ha). I ordered two dogs to go – the merguez and the classic. I waited a while considering there were only a handful of people in the shop, and quickly ate in my car. I was not a fan of the lamb. The menu doesn’t offer that this pungent, dry dog was covered in raisins, an addition many may enjoy, but I wouldn’t have ordered it had I known. Two bites.

UPDATE – Someone in the comments noted, they are not raisins, but are red currants, and they are listed on the menu. I misread the menu, thinking the currants were in the lamb sausage itself, and I didn’t identify them as currants in the two bites I tried. I don’t know everything, and will admit when I’m wrong. Just ask my wife.

The classic was much better, I love the acidic ballpark style mustard. The dog itself is nice too. Split top bun is commendable, but does not achieve the pillowy excellence of the Holeman & Finch version. To be fair, the H&F dog costs a good bit more.

But still, with a $1.50 tip I spent $15 even on these two dogs, hardly a deal. Being I don’t live in the area, I don’t have much of a desire to return.

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  • hestic

    Actually, they are red currants. Says so right on the menu.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. I amended my post. 

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