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tru bbq

A friend (thanks Sam) recently told me about True BBQ in Triangle City, between West Columbia and downtown. I was looking for some hash to bring back to Atlanta and my favorite place is only open on Friday and Saturday. I’ve spent a good deal of time researching South Carolina BBQ hash and hadn’t even heard of True BBQ, so I’m always excited about hitting up these hidden gems.

When I pulled up to the easy to miss restaurant, chef was cooking on a classic dingy smoker in the front of the small parking lot which smelled of smoke and pork.

tru bbq

I was curious about this proclamation on the sign.

tru bbq

I was filled in when chef told the waitress to give me the “pretty lady” pose. He got a kick out of it.

tru bbq

On my first visit I got a bunch of sides to bring back to a dinner in Atlanta, including the excellent hash, which isn’t too tangy nor too sweet. It’s not dry but not overly gelatinous either. It just well rounded and great. I couldn’t resist getting a small sandwich though. And on my second visit I got the chopped pork plate. Both times the pork had a nice ring, a good mix of bark, and plenty of fat, which I don’t see often enough in Carolina chopped BBQ. South Carolina mustard sauce can be an acquired taste, but I like True’s as it’s not too sticky sugary.

True is a very solid representation of Midlands SC style BBQ, perhaps the best I’ve tried behind Jackie Hite’s.

tru bbq

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