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March 30, 2011 · 6 comments

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I was up in Roswell recently for a couples game night, because they don’t have fun things to do OTP besides Whirly Ball.



So we’re up in Roswell awaiting the start of said game night (side note: holy crap, I’m old now) and we randomly choose to dine at Bistro VG, which is formerly known as Van Gogh’s. You may not believe this, but this apparently super popular suburban restaurant was at the end of a strip mall. We sat at the bar as it appeared that getting a table without a reservation on a Saturday night is generally out of the question, then ordered a few items from the very enthusiastic bartender.

I realize traditionally a cheese course comes after the entree, but we started with three selections from their fairly large list. They really did have some good options. While the soft French selections I chose weren’t quite warm or runny enough, I was quite happy to start with this.


We also shared the beet salad, except, wait a minute… they went RICOTTA! The ubiquitous goat cheese/beet combo does get a little old. The ricotto was creamy and salty and delicious with the earthy beets, and you can’t see from these blurry ass photos, but it was a mix of red and golden beets with the frisee.


The pile of hanger with allegedly caramelized cauliflower was my main selection. The cauliflower were heavy and soft and soggy, far from the rich charred flavor and crispy edges desired from the cabbage relative. The hanger, while overly chewy in parts (I’ve been spoiled by the beautiful Flannery hangers), had the mouth watering game-like flavor I so crave.

Weirdly, some slices were overcooked and others were cooked perfectly. It was probably 75% medium rare slices and 25% well done. I presume the ends of the hanger got overcooked but they threw them on there anways, which ends up looking undesirable on the plate.

There were a few misses, but the people were super nice and prices were about $5-7 cheaper than what you’d see the same entree cost around Atlanta. If you’re OTP I’d definitely give them a shot if the wait at Outback is too long.

Just joshin’, the wait at Outback is always too long, go to Bistro VG.


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  • The cool thing about VG is that they do some really good promos on the weekdays (like half-priced glasses of Schramsberg, a far-from-shabby California sparkler), 3 small plates for 10 bucks, etc.

    Considering what most of the options are near my house (I’m about 6 miles down, off that exact same road), we definitely enjoy VG’s atmosphere and food once in a while.

  • Katie fiancee

    Mr. Snarky.

  • Hope you know I was being a smart ass on purpose in this post Joe. People get so riled up about OTP vs ITP.

    The did have a large wine list, and everything was offered by the glass. They had 5 types of bubbly on ice front and center, not too shabby.

  • I didn’t take it that way at all. I’ll be the first to tell you that ITP has more to offer the gluttonous wino. VG’s not a bad spot, and I’m glad you tried it.

    BTW – don’t feel bad about “game night”. Once you’re sitting on the couch on a Friday night watching the USA Movieplex screening of “Splash” while opening a bottle of wine with your significant other than ends up being 3/4 still full by the end of the night (11 PM), then you’ll understand true lameness. And it is coming.

  • Jim Sobeck

    Wait until game night is you, the missus, and 4 rug rats playing Chutes and Ladders on a Saturday night cause you couldn’t get a sitter and one pukes on the game board, then you’ll know what lame is.

  • We actually had a lot of fun at the game night, but it is funny to think about what I did for fun in college vs now! the stuff now is generally more legal.

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