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The other week I was on the way to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and decided I better not shop hungry. So I decided to take the long way up to Doraville and took Buford highway all the way up, rather than taking 85 over to 285. It was fun driving along, randomly picking where I wanted to eat.

First I housed some banh mi from Lee’s. It was packed with white people, possibly due to the New York times banh mi article which had mentioned them just a few days prior? I had a special and a meatball sandwich, $5 for the two. I preferred the special with pate/head cheese over the warm meatball version. The bread was the best I’ve had – crusty outside, fluffy inside. I couldn’t finish them all so I left them in my car while I grocery shopped. It was a warm day, and my car has black leather interior, which doesn’t react well with fish sauce, something to note for the future.

A few moments after departing Lee’s I swung through the drive through of Don Pepe’s taqueria, in a shack in the Pinetree Shopping center parking lot. It’s the former Chef Liu digs. I placed my order for one barbacoa, one al pastor, paid $2 plus tax and sat in my car and knocked them out. The salsa they give you is a watery joke, but thankfully the tacos don’t need it. Both had juicy, fresh tasting filling with decent corn tortillas, it’s definitely a heck of a deal for some quick food.

I had a hard time not stopping at the Crawfish shack for a shrimp po’boy, but at this point I was too full. Gah, Buford Highway is awesome, I wish I lived closer.

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