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February 28, 2011 · 5 comments

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Just a few photos from “An Evening In Kerala“, hosted by Spice Route Supper Club and Dinner Party Atlanta. I thought the venue fit the event very well; the larger foyer was quite accommodating for the large group of diners, and it was funny to see tourists taking pictures through the front window, trying to figure out what we were all doing.

The event was well executed too. From the cocktail hour, the pacing and amount of the food, and the amount of entertainment, it was well done and worth the money to attend. I had not been to an event from either Spice Route or Dinner Party Atlanta, but after this I am going to keep an eye out for future events that sound interesting.

If anything, this kick starts my interest in cooking Indian food at home. I recently purchased “Classic Indian Cooking”, and look forward to digging into it this year.

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

Kerala dinner

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  • tami

    This looks like it was a lot of fun. I had wanted to go but had a schedule conflict. Were there any standout dishes or menu highlights you can share, Jimmy?

  • nicely done jimmy – want more photos!!! and what tami said :-)

  • I wish I had more photos, but I didn’t take too many more than I posted. While the meal was billed as 21 “courses”, in many cases we are talking about a dollop of curry or a few sections of preserved lemon. Many of the items were intended to be mixed with rice (with your hands of course) then eaten.

    There was a ginger curry that was very, very strong, but fantastic. The lentils with tamarind sauce were a favorite of mine, as was the beet root curry, which was a brilliant color and texture.

    The thoren dishes, featuring shredded coconut, were also a new and delicious experience. One featured shredded cabbage, the other green bean and carrot, both mixed with curry leaves, green chilies, and mustard seed.

    The fried bitter gourd was also very cool.

    Lots of flavors, plenty of food, and a good time.

  • It’s too bad they couldn’t afford tables for the event.
    Sounds good though.

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