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February 9, 2011 · 4 comments

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tom's folly

Tom’s Folly recently opened up in the space on Howell Mill across from Mr. C’s (my eyes! the smoke, oh Lord by eyes!). It used to be Khima, a Moroccan restaurant with a friendly owner and pretty good food, but it just never caught on. Since my first visit to Tom’s Folly, a couple of weeks into their opening a few months ago, I’ve wondered if they would suffer the same fate. I had a fine roast beef sandwich, and met the new friendly owner, who bought me a beer for being a first time visitor.

To be candid, I never went back for the same reason I didn’t visit Khima often – it sort of makes me sad to see a place so empty. I realize this may be backwards logic (if I visit, it will help them succeed, no?) but it makes me sick to think about how much money and sweat equity can be lost in restaurant ventures. Sometimes I don’t have the stomach for the restaurant business.

Well when I read Christiane Lauterbach’s positive review in the recent Knife & Fork, I was given the little push that I needed. Plus, it’s just down the road from my house and I pass it nearly every day. No excuses.

I’m glad I went – the corn and potato chowder with bacon was just what I needed on a brisk day, and it was wonderfully filling and had that you-know-it’s-homemade consistency.

Another special of the day was the slider trio – one pork belly, one meatball, one burger slider with their homemade tater tots. The seared and slow braised pork was really good – tender enough to not slide off the bun with each bite, but still firm enough to constitute a sandwich. The meatball and burger both utilize spicy homemade pork sausage, though the burger doesn’t use much. But the use of sausage still means they cook the burger medium-well, an unfortunate requirement even though I enjoyed the spice, as I found it to be a bit tough. The bread is too large for the filling, and I prefer a steamed bun on a slider, but I was happy with my order overall.

tom's folly

The “tots” aren’t exactly what I expected, they’re really more like mini potato, cheese, and chorizo croquettes…and they are fantastic. There’s only a few of them on a side order, but they are filling and my arteries thank the kitchen for their portion control.

tom's folly

I was told business had doubled since Christiane’s review, and I was happy to hear that. Sometimes a little spark is all that is needed.

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  • It’s rare to happen upon a place I’ve never even heard of that sounds really good, looking forward to trying it!

  • Thank you for the kind words. Anyone who says they saw us on eat it atlanta gets a free app.

  • I need to start making my way over to the Howell Mill area to check out some of the restaurants over there. Parkers on Ponce in downtown Decatur used to have great sliders for lunch. I just went to their site and see that they are now only open for dinner…and no sliders on the menu anymore! Oh well… Thanks for your post!

  • Lorenzo

    Perhaps the specials are the things to get. The menu posted on the web site may not do it justice. I recall reading the menu a few months ago and losing my initial enthusiasm. I still have not made it to Tom’s, and I live nearby.

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