Behind the Curve at Crawfish Shack, El Señor Taco

January 6, 2011 · 5 comments

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crawfish shack

I’m waaaay behind the curve on being hip to all the great spots on Buford Highway. I lived in the thick of it in 2005, but I was not the adventurous eater at that time. We ate at Little Szechuan a lot, and hit up dim sum every once in a while. Once I walked into La Kermex by myself on a Sunday afternoon, and it was one of those movie moments where the music stops and the DJ scratches the disc. I literally turned around and sort of acted like I had mistaken it for some other intended destination.

So forgive me for being so late to the game on the Crawfish Shack, the Vietnamese and Cajun inspired seafood restaurant, which isn’t really a shack at all, but appears to be the most popular destination in a fairly new strip mall on Buford Highway. I don’t have much to add to the pages that have already been written (including the NY Times), but I was quite pleased. The oysters (above) and the soft shell crab (below) were hot, crispy, and plentiful. The crinkle cut fries are certainly of the frozen variety, but I can’t complain when they are cooked to order. The bread was just shy of the more excellent samples I’ve tried in New Orleans. Maybe a bit too much sauce too. The spice was just right, but that didn’t stop me from applying a few lines of sriracha.

crawfish shack

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Despite being full, FB and I hit up the recently opened El Señor Taco. I managed a few bites of the steak quesadilla, which was good I guess? I mean, it was a quesadilla. Not sure what else I could say. If I wanted to bitch about the amount of filling in it, I guess I’d write up a post and put that on Yelp.


It’s the tacos pescados that have garnered this restaurant much attention. They are crispy Baja style, are damn tasty, and I haven’t had anything like them in Atlanta.

One observation, and I’m no expert as I only have one “true” Baja fish taco comparison to draw from, but I’m not the biggest fan of their style of batter. It seems a little thick and reminds me of the batter used at some fish and chip stands where the batter is more like a crispy fried exoskeleton than a coating on the fish. It all tastes good, especially with the generous portion of slaw, but I just don’t taste much fish.

There was hardly a seat left in the place on that Thursday afternoon, so I’m glad to see them doing so well. I’ll definitely hit them up again.


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