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I went to Taka with some friends a few weeks ago for an Omakase meal. I think it was around $70 per person. Not cheap, but I’ve said it before, I’m not into “value sushi”. I eat it a few times a year, and I want it to rock. An omakase at this price should be a fun, multi-course, creative experience on a similar level to going out for a special occasion meal. Put that way, I don’t think $70 is crazy. But what do I know, I spend more on food each month than my mortgage.

It was really dark in the back corner of Taka, underneath the glow of Barry Manilow, but I did take a few photos, such as this crab stuffed shrimp, which I enjoyed.


The octopus dish was good too, lots of shiso, which I learned Taka is fond of using.


…and yeah there’s a bunch of fish in here.


The sashimi plate was the best part. Come to think of it, we may have paid extra for this course. Look at the toro on the left though, so fatty! We also had some raw shrimp, which I surprisingly enjoy. There was lots of clam too, including in a couple of dishes that were not photographed. Too much clam really.

Yeah this post kind of sucks because I can’t really remember everything I had, nor do I have photos of everything, but that’s somewhat in line with my experience – not very memorable. The quality of the fish in the sashimi was excellent, but considering we called ahead and had four people doing the omakase, I wanted more variety and creativity. Nothing stood out. My lunch at Tomo was definitely more enjoyable to me.

I’m trying out what’s supposed to be the mother of all omakase meals in Atlanta tomorrow night…I’ll report back for comparison.


The one thing that really rocked my world that night was this Domaine Robert Arnoux Les Suchots. Unreal.


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  • Chloe

    Kinjo vs. Tomo vs. Taka vs. Hayakawa. There’s one there who has been consistently excellent and has always been my fave.

  • I know which one, and it’s the only one I have not visited!

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