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August 10, 2010 · 3 comments

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I went to Han Il Kwan for dinner with friends last weekend. Korean BBQ is always fun and it had been a while.

For five people we ordered pork belly (samgyeopsal), two orders of short ribs (galbi), and two orders of ribeye. It was a good amount of food for five hungry dudes.

We also got a seafood pancake (haemul pajeon). It’s a good starter, easily shared.

The wait staff was great, very accommodating, with no “lost in translation” issues. I wouldn’t call any part of the meal best-in-class in this genre, but we had a good time and ate every bit of it. Short ribs were the best protein. If I wanted to gripe I’d say the banchan is unmemorable.

I think we spent about $30 a person, including ten beers.

Definitely recommended, particularly for those looking for an ITP option.

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  • Kimbo

    Have you had the dol sat bibimbap here? My girlfriend and I go here regularly for it. It’s very good.

  • Jimmy

    I have not had that there – thanks for the tip!

  • Hey Jimmy,

    Check out the spicy pork dolsot at Woo Nam Jeong. Something tells me you like pork, spicy and crispy rice at the bottom of a scorching stone bowl. ;P

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