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On the way to see the Cars exhibit at the High Museum, I stopped off at TAP for some lunch. I had never been. Beneath the name TAP on the sign, it says “a gastropub”. Which of course means that they lost Cool points for the explicit explanation of style. A restaurant with no sign and wait staff that answer the phone by saying, “whatever”. Now THAT would be a hip restaurant I could get behind!

I was so hungry I could [insert euphemism here], so I ordered the chips and salsa. A casual twenty minutes later they arrived. Think a spicier version of El Azteca salsa, snazzed up with avocado and queso fresco. $5.

Katie got the vegetarian burger. The bun looked very promising but was dry/stale. The veggie patty was good, as were the fries. Not a bad option, especially if you get a fresher bun.

I had the Cobb salad. The chicken was cooked appropriately, but lacked any flavor. It was weird. The avocado looked sad, and almost every piece of  lettuce tossed in the nondescript creamy sauce had large pieces of rib, not my favorite part of the leaf.

Maybe I’m being harsh, cause it wasn’t bad, but I wanted this. I wouldn’t order it again, is one way to put it.

Lots of people were at TAP, including a few people eating outside in that day’s brutal heat.

The Cars exhibit was great. It was the last day, so if you missed it, sucks for you.

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  • Joe

    TAP is fine and dandy for (expensive) drinks, and I like the location a lot, but the food- at least the two times I ate there- really did not cut the mustard for me.

    I’m a bad critic, and I know cooks can have bad nights, so I try to give a “3 strikes” approach to a restaurant, so I’ll give it one more try.

  • I lived within a stone’s toss from TAP and would only go when someone else was paying… Great location, concept, etc… Just could not seem to get itself out of opening night mode.

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