What? More Burgers? You Got It.

June 23, 2010 · 2 comments

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Yep, more burgers. I realized I had a few photos lying around to share while I was still on the topic. I promise I’ll move on soon.

The burger below is from Pawley’s Front Porch in Columbia, SC. A local favorite, they were recently featured on Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dive’s. Not that I put much stock in that show, though Fieri’s ability to act like he just had his freaking mind blown after taking a bite of some unoriginal fried mess is impressive. “What’s that? The secret ingredient is Old Bay? Get the f out of here!”

I had a speciality burger with green tomato and bacon. It was huge, almost cooked like I asked, and satisfying. I liked the green tomato, though I took a bit of it off. The Tabasco onion rings were a let down, as I couldn’t place the faintest hint of the cayenne sauce. A worthy burger stop in Columbia. Topping/creativity driven.

Pawley's Front Porch on Urbanspoon

Below is the grass fed burger at Yeah! Burger. I can’t say I was too impressed with the burger, and a few things were messed up on my order, but they’ve hardly been open so I’m not condemning them by any means. I won’t even get into the details until I have a chance to try it again.

Yeah! Burger on Urbanspoon

Miller-Union burger. All around well done, executed with precision. Well formed/right size patty, great bun, toppings were the proper size, well melted cheese, properly seasoned beef, etc. It’s just clear when care goes into something, even when it’s just a burger.

Can’t go to M-U without the veggie snack!

Miller Union on Urbanspoon

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  • We put Old Bay in our burgers at home too. It adds a nice kick to the patty. Dale’s marinade is also a good addition to a grilled burger.

  • Katie

    That’s my hand in the veggie snack!

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