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May 4, 2010 · 7 comments

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Did you hear that Farm Burger is open?

Yeah, the new trendy burger place in Decatur from the people behind Farm 255. Everyone has rushed there and posted on it…so why I am I doing the same? Shit man, I bought the camera, and pay for the web host, and I f’ing love a good burger lately. Imma post regardless of blogger decorum.

So I met up there on Monday with The Dude and Legend and ate burgers and discussed Burgundy, my latest expensive obsession. These guys have been kind enough to share some killer Burg with me, but just like my high school dealer, only the first hit is free. Now I’m rearranging my Roth IRA allocation.

Oh, I’m sorry. Farm Burger. The inside is cool. Wood. Metal. Picnic tables. Hip menu. Good crowds.

We tried the “pork ‘n beans”. It was fine, but not that memorable. The flavors were flat. The whole thing mushed together. The beans were good.

“Chips & Dip”. Caramelized onion dip and potato chips. The dip was tasty, but nothing different from tailgate-style Frito onion dip. No discernible caramelized onion. The chips were perfectly thin and crisp, but almost cold. If they had been hot, the whole thing would have been much better.

Legend’s burger. It’s a bad picture, but you can see the huge chunks of blue cheese he got on the burger. He mentioned that he would have liked the cheese to be melted instead of offered in large uneven pieces.

I had the #1 Farm burger with an addition of jalapenos and oxtail marmalade. I also asked for lettuce and pickles. The homemade pickles were awesome, though they did need a rinse from all the salt on them. The burger was cooked just to my liking – a perfect medium. For a burger of this style, I prefer medium, though on occasion a nice thick prime beef burger can be very enjoyable when cooked to medium rare. I get that some people aren’t into that, so it would be nice if it were possible to specify temperature when ordering. But they made me happy.

The bread was OK, but not as memorable as H&F, Flip, or even Grindhouse, where I think the buns are very nice. The bun I had at Minetta Tavern (more info on their burger on Serious Eats) recently was revelatory (as was the burger, actually). It kind of pisses me off really, because now I know what a hamburger can be.

The oxtail marmalade is totally unnecessary. It tasted good, but added nothing to my burger and it brought my total cost of the burger + onion rings to over $15, without a drink. The accoutrement at Farm Burger is abounding and of great quality, but I think many of them are a distraction and some of them will result in expensive burger.

My burger was also much sloppier than I would have liked. The bun was quite soggy in places as soon as it hit my table. I wish I didn’t have to devour it quickly to combat the wet burger attack on the bun.

The onion rings were outstanding. A perfect balance of flavorful batter and onion ring. Good work guys.

My comments may seem negative, bud I had a great lunch. The beef tastes as good as any I’ve had in Atlanta. The sides/toppings are fun. Everything is quality. I dig their principles. The place is cool. Damn you Decatur and your inaccessibility! It took me 30 minutes to drive there from the Westside.

The ingredients are there; if they can show the same love for the structure/construction of an amazing burger, Farm Burger is going to be something special.

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  • Bummer on the onion dip … during my one sampling, it was kick ass full of onion. In my three trips to date, the cooking temperature is all over the map … so who knows how that’ll shape up. Meanwhile … i’m getting a little annoyed with your new toy! Those pictures look better than the food :-)

  • Freehawk

    I thought the onion rings were as good as I have had lately (my son didn’t like the sweetness, but that is what I most liked). Sweet potato fries were good. My burger was plainer than yours (so as not to be too full or sloppy wet). It was also perfect medium. Tip for visitors: They use stand in line system like Taqueria across the street. You place your order and then sit down. The line was somewhat slow when I was in there. Anyway the tip: If there are open bar seats, you can skip the line, go sit down and they wait on you from behind the counter. That would be worth it with a small group.

  • Some nice pics!
    Questionable choice of lunch companions.
    And, Burgundy…that stuff is swill.
    Good luck going broke.
    I like FarmBurger, but they do have some things to tweak…like making burgers that don’t totally fall apart and end up all over my shirt and shoes…I kid, it wasn’t that bad.
    The onion rings are the shizz.

  • Jimmy

    Noam Chomsky uses the phrase “the shizz”?!?!


  • I stopped by for dinner last night before my swim, though I took the food to go. I am going to go again and eat in before I finalize my opinions, but your report seems pretty consistent with what I experienced. My instinct told me to order the onion rings, but I went with the fries – and now I definitely wish I had gone with my gut (the fries were no bueno)!

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