555: The Mark of the Pig

April 15, 2010 · 2 comments

in atlanta

seen above – speared pig hearts at COCHON 555 Napa in February , image courtesy of Dirty South Wine

Besides Freaknik, Sweetwater 420fest,  the Braves hosting a home series with the Rockies, and the 29th birthday of yours truly, there’s a food event going on this weekend which you may have heard aboutCOCHON 555.

A traveling tour of pork and wine, COCHON comes to town this Sunday, April 18th. It looks to be a unique and pork-tastically (sp?) great event featuring 5 celebrated Southern chefs, 5 winemakers, and 5 heritage breed pigs, to be cooked in the manner each particular chef favors. The whole pig – shoulder, belly, head, ears, jowls, and tails, my friends. The Atlanta chefs include Todd Mussman of Muss and Turner’s, and Kevin Rathbun of Rathbun’s (duh). Mike Lata of Fig, Sean Brock of McCrady’s (personal favorite), and Kelly English of Restaurant Iris round out the five.

The participating wineries are Gamble Family Vineyards, Hirsch Vineyards, Buty Winery, Anne Amie Vineyards, and Domaine Serene. Personally, I’ve only tasted the Gamble and Hirsch wines, but these are some real deal badass wines. I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine Hirsch (along with Ed of Wine Tonite) earlier this week when we tasted some of her family’s wines, as well as stuffed our faces with fried mac ‘n cheese at Fox Brothers BBQ and shigoku oysters at Restaurant Eugene. The Hirsch San Andreas Pinot is killer stuff, hopefully it will be making an appearance at COCHON on Sunday. Hirsch has picked up a distributor in Atlanta after a multiyear hiatus, so you should be seeing their wines around town very soon.

Hardy of Dirty South Wine was a judge at the COCHON 555 event in Napa in February, I’ve linked to his Flickr photo album below. Hope you can brave the Atlanta traffic mayhem that is sure to ensue this weekend and join us. I’ll be wearing a shirt that says “screw it, it’s my birthday”. Please say hello, and/or check my pulse.

Where: W Hotel Downtown
When: Sunday, April 18 5PM-8PM (3:30PM for VIP’s…special you)
What: Pork, Wine, Badass Chefs, Me
Tickets available here – use code “swinetology” for $10 off

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  • Joe

    What a great title for a post. Happy April birthday. April folks are generally smarter and more handsome that those born in the other crappy 10 months (I can’t call December crappy, because Christmas is totally sweet).

    The ticket is too cost-prohibitive for me, as I was galavanting around in Southern Cal last week and making it rain at the butcher shop with whole lambs and such, so I’m hoping an opportunity to “work” at the event magically falls into my lap.

    I’m anxious for an opportunity to punch you in the face, then put you in a headlock for your birthday, otherwise known as a “Liverpool French Kiss”.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks Joe. The alternate post type was going to be “Cochon 555 – Come and Pig Out!”, which would have guaranteed your fist would be meeting my face.

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