Via Elisa Pasta, Ain’t Quite Done

November 14, 2009 · 2 comments

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It’s been over a month since Via Elisa, the boutique pasta and sauce shop on the Westside, announced that they were closing their doors. It’s sad to see any business close, but Via Elisa has been the Atlanta name for fresh pasta for years, and their closure creates a major void in this space. As such, many of the local foodies ran out to stock up before they closed their doors. Unfortunately, that didn’t include me – I procrastinated, then I was traveling over their final days and couldn’t make it there for one last purchase.

But last weekend I was shopping for ingredients for the Ad Hoc at Home stuffed meatballs with pappardelle, and I didn’t have time to make pasta, so I wanted to see what Whole Foods had in the way of fresh pasta. As you can see, as of November 8, they were still offering tagliatelle and pappardelle from Via Elisa.

If you missed your opportunity to buy Via Elisa pasta like I did, now’s your chance.

Anyone out there in Internet land know if maybe Via Elisa is going to continue selling through reseller’s like Whole Foods? Or perhaps this was a frozen batch that Whole Foods still had in stock?


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  • Jimmy

    A few people tried to leave comments, but my site was busy being crappy and wouldn’t allow it. Here are the emails that a few people sent me that a worth passing along:

    “Via Elisa is definitely still in business, as you suggested, wholesale only. Make sure that your followers know to ask their local grocer to carry the line!!!” – Thomas Reed

    “My whole foods has been sold out of via elisa since nov 1. She stated she would not be supplying pasta anymore, only sauce. Which WF do you go to? I would like to raid them. Thanks Sally”

    Sally – This was the Whole Foods Buckhead, but if Thomas is correct, maybe we will be seeing more pasta??


  • We have indeed stopped making pasta and the pasta in the Whole Foods Market in Buckhead is from our last batches that we made and froze for them. The good news is that we sold our pasta machines to Croissant Bakery and within the next few weeks they will begin making pasta for sale to Atlanta area restaurants. Our dough maker, Noe, has already started working there. I will keep everyone posted and you will be able to enjoy Via Elisa pasta at local restaurants soon. The pasta will no longer be carried in stores. If you see it, stock up! Via Elisa continues to make sauce. Our new tagline is: Via Elisa sauce is so good, you don’t even need the pasta. Thank you Atlanta for 7 wonderful years, Elisa

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