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September 7, 2009 · 5 comments

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There has already been tons of press & postings about Sublime Donuts, and even though it’s on my side of town, amazingly I had yet to make the trip. I’ve always been more of a bagel kinda guy, but the occasional donut is a special treat.

When Eat Buford Highway made his recent visit to Sublime as part of his donut week, the pictures were too much to resist and I made my way over there this past Sunday.

The owner, Kamal, was there to guide us through all of his offerings, but don’t ask him to help you choose between two different donuts. When Katie asked which of the two she was thinking of ordering were best, Kamal replied, “It would be unfair to ask me to choose, I love them all the same”. It’s clear that this CIA Hyde Park graduate is proud of every offering on the menu, something I respect.

We each chose two donuts and a cup of coffee, which Kamal makes to order in a French press. I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter, so the favorite donut I had was the Reese’s with peanut butter. Incredible. The s’mores (with burnt marshmallow of course) was also insanely good.

I fear that I’ve found a new place where I’ll be a regular…I’ll go ahead and apologize to my waistline now.

More on Kamal and the story of Sublime Donuts can be found in this AJC article by John Kessler.


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  • Matt

    I am NOT the world’s biggest doughnut fan. BUT, these are so good, I travel 30+ miles from the Southside to get the caramel apple fritters, my personal favorite.

    Kamal makes the most insanely flavorful doughnuts I have ever eaten. Brought some to my parents, who also aren’t overly fond of sweet stuff and they LOVED these. Strawberry and creme was their favorite.

    Highly, highly, highly recommended.

  • Just discovered the blog through Gene’s Eat, drink, man! Always awesome to meet other bloggers in Atlanta who are passionate about food.

    Great stuff and I can’t wait to read more in the future.

  • You bastard … why do you tease me with such deliciousness and delectableness

  • I hadn’t allowed myself to eat at donut in about 20 years…until today. OMG, what a donut! These are the best I’ve eve had (by far) and worth every calorie. Thanks for bringing these to Greenville today. I’m glad you’re not here every day as if you brought these to work every day stretch pants would be in my future.

  • your favorite sister.

    wow.can you bring some to the tailgate thurs? haha….but really..

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